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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Brain cells fried - check!

I officially had one of those days that just fries your brain cells. One of those days that I assume people are referring to when they make comments like "oh, you must really have your hands full with three little ones", or "are they ALL yours?", or even, "have you lost your mind?".

I have lost my mind. Thing 1 is in some bizarre four year old alter universe in which he thinks he is king and he runs everything. We are all his servants, we do as he asks (or screams) and all is fine. If we choose to remain level-headed and realistic and do things differently than he has suggested, well then, all hell breaks loose.

And it's loose. He's been uncontrollably hyper for over a week. Running, yelling, not listening. One ridiculous, unending meltdown after another. He would give a competent drama queen a run for her money. To be completely honest, I'd guess he's after her crown. I think it's back to reading "Raising Your Spirited Child" for me. I need to regroup and reclaim my zen place so I can take on Thing 1 head on tomorrow. I assure you Mommy will win round two. I don't give up that easily.

Thing 2 has made spending the past few days with Thing 1 totally bearable. He's really grasping this potty training thing and it has my spirits completely uplifted and,well, soaring. While I commented that I felt he was far more stubborn than Thing 1 (this comment still remains accurate), he is falling into a potty training routine very much like our little friend Pete. After the first three days, he really started to "get it". He starts to whine a bit when he has to go, paces around a bit and then I chime in "do you have to go to the potty, David?", and off we go. Monday he only had two accidents (slightly my fault for nursing Leah when his little bladder was about to burst and not ripping Leah from my nipple fast enough to sprint to the bathroom with David before the little yellow liquid came), and today NONE. That's right, he peed and pooped on the potty ALL DAY TODAY. I'm ecstatic. Sad, really, how times have changed and bodily functions can make or break your entire mood. But if my dear, quirky husband says "UR-INE trouble" one more time, I think I'm going to lose it.

Thing 3 is also a ray of sunshine in my life and keeps me going when Thing 1 and 2 exhaust me. She is so uber-happy all of the time, I can hardly believe I am *this* lucky. But I also for the first time fear the answer to the very question I posed to myself when I got pregnant - can I handle three kids? Leah is so happy all day long, I end up ignoring her at times to discipline Thing 1 or rush Thing 2 to the potty. When I get back? She is *still* happy. Giggling, smiling, laughing, wherever she is and whatever she is doing. She melts my mushy mommy heart. Every minute of every. single. day. Dear daughter, I promise to make it up to you when you are older and we can hang out together and do all sorts of fun mom and daughter things, while the boys go off and play in the dirt and do other male-related activities.

In an effort to raise my spirits this evening, Paul came up with this:

I hope no permanent damage has been done to her little nostrils.

Thing 1 off on his last morning of preschool. I explained the glasses were four sizes too big, but alas, my words of wisdom are meaningless to a four year old.


One Crazy Chick! said...

When my almost 4 year old go nuts like that I swear my entire universe is going to melt right there in my living room. This is a silly question I'm sure but is he getting enough sleep? The only reason I ask is that my son behavior is identical when he hasn't had enough sleep. But it could totally be something else too. I'm just curious.

Glad the PTing is going well!

And those pictures of the baby are ADORABLE. I mean how can you not smile?

Donna M said...

Poor you. I am sure you will win back control of your home from the four year old fiend in no time. Think positive.
Delighted to hear the PT is going so well. David is just such a little man!
And of course, Leah, the darling baby girl who makes it all worthwhile.

Tricia said...

Oh no, you're telling me it doesn't get better with age. *sigh*. YEAH on David & the PT!!!!!!! And how sweet Leah is ALWAYS happy. I often think Sydney gets the short end when I have to ignore her to discipline or entertain Sam. Here I was worried about SAM not getting enough attention when baby #2 came but the truth is he gets PLENTY of attention - it's Sydney I fear doesn't get enough. She's mama's girl though, she will definitely let me know when she wants to be paid attention too. But I worry maybe the only reason why she let's me know is because she HAS to let me know since my attention is often diverted & I feel bad about that. Sorry for long comment! LOL!

Landerson said...

You do have your hands full Shan.....but you're doing great! My how Leah fills out her little (or not so little) bathingsuit (from yesterdays post)! Love the goggles Pete:)

Kellan said...

My son is 11 and he STILL thinks he's the KING! Cute - ADORABLE pictures of your sweet little darlings!

I'm Kellan, btw - nice to meet you. Take care.

Jenny said...

I love the goggles and the glasses! Adorable! Will is a good baby as well but I think to myself, self could you handle more children once Will is older? i definitely do not know! you sound like an awesome mom to have though!

Amanda said...

Yay for the PT going so well! And I'm so glad Leah is such a joy for you. Landry is the same way and I feel exactly like you do sometimes - that she's getting the short end of the stick. But like you said, I'll make it up to her later when B starts school we'll do all sorts of fun stuff - just the 2 of us! You aren't giving me a lot of hope, though. I keep thinking B will get better as she gets older. It's not promising to hear about the 4 year old stunts!!!

Rebecca said...

Yay for David being a good boy and his peeing and pooping in the potty!!

Not so yay for *king* Pete, I know how that stage is with the twins, they are getting crazy turdy! hehe

Love the glasses and goggles, very ca-ute! :)

McMommy said...

Raising the Spirited Child...I have that book!! I think I am like you....I refer to it whenever Matty is giving me hard time...then everything is fine for awhile and I forget I even own the book.

The something happens can probably hear me yelling "WHERE IS MY BOOK?!"

McMommy said...

Me again...I know I already commented...but THIS time I'm here to say HAPPY POW!

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