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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Our Real Life

It is becoming quite apparent that I've gone a little "bloggy" this week. I decided to participate in yet one more fun blog festival . . . today's theme is REAL LIFE and we were instructed to take real life pictures of a list of things. So being a good blog instruction follower, that's exactly what I did! The festival hostess is Jessica at Farm Fresh - she's a mommy of two girls with another babe on the way. Anyone as crazy as I am to embark on raising a trio of munchkins surely has a blog worth visiting, right???

If you think you're ready, grab a cup of coffee and step in to my REAL LIFE.

Have a look inside my fridge . . . I do groceries usually on Saturday morning (early, before anyone else gets there!) so we're getting a little on the bare side.

Next, we have a closet - I chose Leah's because I so adore staring into it and gazing at her precious little baby dresses and outfits!!

Ready to peer into my kitchen sink? Usually pretty clean because I'm anal about stuff like that.

Feel free to skip this next one - one of our toilets! This is in the bathroom of our bedroom, usually cleaner than our main bathroom because little toddlers are rarely peeing in (I mean all over) this one.
Now is where I get a little embarrassed. These are my favourite shoes. Yes, they are ugly Birkenstocks but they are so delightfully comfortable and better than flip flops for my plantar fasciitis. I've been addicted to them since I was a wee young thing in my early 20s.

The living room is my favourite room in my house. We can sit, relax, play, read or have a cup of coffee. It is the main area in our home and often we are in there spending time together. The dog is a permanent fixture on that couch. He never moves and stares out the window ALL DAY LONG.

Here are what my kids were doing when I took these last night. Thing 1 and Thing 2 decided to go to bed early (well, more like I decided that for them) . . . they were exhausted. Pete just recently started climbing down from the top bunk and sliding in to sleep with David - this was way too cute a photo for me to pass up so I clicked away. To think six months ago I was fearful the boys would not want to share a room.

Thing 3 didn't go to bed as early, she had a supper time nap so she was still up at 8:30, just hangin' out with mom and dad (and Wii).

I almost forgot a shot for laundry, so I took this last night as I was about to fold my last load of the day (at 10:00 at night). This red basket is very dear to me, it used to be my grandmother's and is the sturdiest thing around!

And what a bad day for a self portrait. I did not do my hair, or make up or anything remotely related to self-care yesterday. It rained and we were in the house all day. But here it is anyway . . . yes, that is spit up on my left shoulder.

Whew, all done. Hope you you enjoyed your glimpse into my real life.


Elizabeth Byler Younts said...

hi! nice to get real with you too! :-) i am totally anal about my sink ever since i started flylady in January...i don't do well w/ flylady but my goal is to do it regularly. :-)

The Mom Jen said...

Are you sure you didn't clean?? I need to clean *blush.*

Donna M said...

I can't help it. Every time I see a pic of Leah I see David at that age. And Amy's nose.
The boys look cute asleep together!
Your house looks fine. I love the pic of Rudster on the arm of the chair!

Joy said...

I adore your living room!!! Nice to see your place!

McMommy said...

OHhhhhhhh!!! That picture of the boy sharing a bed like that MELTED MY HEART!!!! That truly is the sweetest picture ever!

How do they like their bunk beds? Any "accidents" like someone fell off? We are thinking about them for the future, but I'm a little scared...sometimes Matty sleep walks! Imagine if he was on the top bunk!

I LOVED getting a glimpse into your REAL life!

Unknown said...

I love your little girl's closet. and the little boys' bed.

I also love Cocker Spaniels.

You look great at the end of the day!

I'm so glad you played!

amanda said...

loved visiting you and your "real" life. how very fun!! and how cute that the dog never leaves the couch!!

but the best picture - the boys!! sooo flippin sweet!!

Amanda said...

I also think Leah looks just like David! So cute! And you look good even with no makeup and spitup on your shoulder. I always have spitup on my shoulder. :)

gina said...

cute photo of your littles sharing the bottom bunk- i love getting pics like that.

Anonymous said...

LOVE the two kiddos in bed together. That is so sweet.

Simply Shannon said...

Awww- the shot of the kids is adorable!

Anonymous said...

What a precious picture of the kids sleeping together! How sweet! I also love your laundry basket, so fun!

TheAustinEmpire said...

I love the closet picture, I could hang out in ladybug's room all day and just look through her clothes.

And are you so anal about the sink that you dry it with a towel when you're done cleaning? My husband is (definately not me) and then he gets mad if I use it to wash my hands and I don't line up the faucet, (which is only on the occasion of him being in a super cleaning mode).

Kellan said...

How fun! I love a closet full of little girl dresses too - darling. Your kids are adorable!!

Thanks for your sweet, supportive comment today - I really appreciate it. Hope to see you soon - Kellan

Megan said...

our dog does the SAME thing! he's worn a little "spot" in to the back of one of our leather chairs!

thanks for sharing your real life!

Jenny said...

you are brave to show us your real life..i was going to do it but you saw the day i was having. this week is just not our week. love leah's closet with the sweet little dresses. your boys in the bunk together is picture perfect. moments like that are too good to pass up!
you look great even with the spit up. when your a mom it is like an accessory!! :)

Laural Out Loud said...

You have stainless steel sippy cups! I love it when other people have them, too.

As for the birks- I'm from Oregon and those shoes seem like home to me. I wish I had a pair as cute! In fact, I think I'm tired of trying to conform to San Diego style and am going to get some this summer. My feet will thank me.

Anti-Supermom said...

I love the real life posts that people are doing, but no way am I letting anyone enter "that" domain!

Thanks for the blog visit

Andrea@Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

I love your red laundry basket! And how incredible that it was your grandmother's.

There was so much I loved about your real life post! Loved the shoes, the couches, the fact that you shop alone for groceries (it's wonderful, isn't it!), your beautiful baby girl, and the boys sleeping together...

You have a wonderful real life!


Rebecca said...

Hi Shans!!! You looking fine as usual girl, and I loved seeing your lovely home again! :)

I was going to use that photo thing too until the very last photo....ain't no way in HELL I am taking a photo of my sorry ass. lol

Kristen said...

Oh that was so fun!

I love that your dog is on the couch all day looking out the window.

And the boys sleeping together is adorable. :)

Lastly, you look fabulous!!

Thanks for letting us peer into your real life!

elexisb said...

Love the names Thing 1 & Thing 2! I have Things 1 & 2 the same ages as yours, but they're girls. The picture of them in the same bed is adorable, just too adorable. I love it!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for stopping by. Your house is sooooo clean. I am very impressed. Oh, and I loved the picture of your boys sleeping in the same bed. They're adorable.

Amy said...

I wasn't too keen on the old self portrait thing I had just finished cleaning the house and putting the laundry away (at 11:00 pm) and then I happened upon Jessicas blog...UGH!!
Nice to meet you. Glad I stopped by.

Rach (Mommy Learns to Blog) said...

I love these real life things - it just takes forever to get all the pics uploaded and in the right spots!

Your boys are adorable sleeping together. And your little girl - what a beauty!

My parents have a Cocker Spaniel IDENTICAL to yours!

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