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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Weeds be gone!

I found a great review of an organic weed killer on Crunchy Domestic Goddess' site. It's really interesting, so take a look if you're like me and are interested in safe, organic weed killers that won't harm the environment, pets, or little Things. You can win a bottle of Nature’s Avenger if you leave a comment on her blog, and a link on your own. I'm finding I have less and less time to yank weeds out - and they seem to be everywhere this season - they're creeping through our patio stones and all along our front driveway and walkway. Not to mention all over our front lawn.

We've had grubs on our lawn since we bought this house five years ago. Each summer we end up ripping up the front lawn, trying to dig out all the grubs and then re-sodding the entire area. It's been expensive and time consuming. Not to mention ridiculously annoying. So this year we bought some nematodes and put them all over the lawn, and apparently they eat up and kill all the grubs. We then filled the area with topsoil and grass seed, and it's slowly filling in. We've thankfully had oodles of rain so watering has been kept to a minimum (because no good environmentalist wants to waste water!). The downside is we won't really know if the grubs have been eliminated until later in the summer, because it's after the really hot weather that the grubs come to the surface and the grass starts to die . . . not to mention get torn apart by birds and skunks and other animals. So we're keeping our fingers crossed that we kicked our grub problem this season. I'm fairly tired of looking like the "white trash" of the neighbourhood with a completely ripped apart and hideous lawn.


Kristen said...

You got anything to get our stupid Labradors to keep from peeing on our grass?


We are also ripping up all the sod to once again do it again. This time with a large fence to keep the dogs OUT of the grass.

I digress, hope you win the weed killer!

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