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Monday, June 16, 2008

A Wii late in my Father's Day wishes

With my computer crashing non-stop for the past couple days (due to thunderstorms) I'm a day late with my Father's Day wishes! Lots of love to both my own wonderful father, and the one to whom I am married. You're both outstanding men!

We had a great Father's Day yesterday. The Things' Daddy earned himself a Wii for a hard year's work of challenging parenting. I was hesitant to buy it - and nearly didn't for they are very hard to come by, even now 18+ after its release - because I feared maybe my family would suffer the side effects of video game playing. Too much time spent alone in isolation, too much time spent not interacting with other family members (or any humans), too much inactivity leading to a non-healthy lifestyle. But I was assured by a number of Wii-owning friends that it is indeed a fun activity for the entire family and a good way to spend time *together*, while being somewhat active.

So, heck yeah. It's pretty fun. We haven't done a lot more than boxing and tennis, but it is basically as cool as they say it is. I only purchased two games - Lego Star Wars for Thing 1 and Diego for Thing 2. I was sadly mistaken in my beliefs that Thing 2 would be able to play the Wii, let alone have any interest in it. Pete can definitely play, and he loves it, but gets frustrated because he's still learning how to use the controllers. I'm sure he'll get the hang of it, and I'm sure I will too. In my search of a dozen stores in the Ottawa area to purchase the elusive Wii, I was unable to find myself a Wii Fit, which I also hear is pretty spectacular.

Did I just use the word spectacular to describe a video game?? Hmmm, somewhere pigs have grown wings.

I wanted to toss in the boys' new favourite pastime in the backyard. "Painting" our fence with "paint" . . . it is just water but they'll do it for HOURS!!!

And Thing 3 sporting a new outfit for the ladies who lunch. This sweet little linen number was a baby gift from Aunti Steph . . . dontcha thing the headband just pulls the whole look together??


Donna M said...

Leah looks just like David in that picture. And do I see Auntie Amy's nose?
Glad to hear Father's day went well. I assume Paul was pleased with his gift! I hear that they are really great fun and something for everyone!

Dapoppins said...

Another family has got a Wii.

When will it be our turn? LOL

Love your header! Cute baby! and the fence painting...any things toddlers can do for hours is wonderful, isn't it...?

amanda said...

just came over from kristen's world to say congrats on the award!!

and how cute is the new outfit!! and the "painting" of the fence?!?! priceless :)

Rebecca said...

You know I think I might have to get us a wii too, I keep hearing how great they I just need to find one! lol

Love the painting, how great they will do it for hours....I would be telling them "this area needs doing now boys...make sure you do a really good job now!" hehe

Love the new outfit on Miss thang...that headband is adorable! :)

Jenny said...

The wii fit is really hard to come by here too! But my girlfriend has it and said it is pretty SPECTACULAR!
Glad you liked the exercise of the week!

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