Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Baby Leah is almost a week old!

I finally had a few minutes out of my hectic new life as a mother of three to get a few pictures together. Baby Leah is doing just great. She is so happy and laid back and fits in perfectly with her new family. Her brothers adore her and can't wait to play with her (since they keep asking when she will walk, and when she will talk!). I am very tired and busy, but loving every minute of it.

Big brother Pete giving a little love to his new sister . . .

Here is Leah's first bath - a little too chilly maybe!!

But she forgave me for getting her all wet!

Sleeping in her new swing - wearing all her pink new baby duds!

Cuddling with mom and Rudy . . .

Catching a little rest . . .

And, yes, more sleeping!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Baby Girl is HERE!!!

Pete and David's little sister arrived last night!!!! (Yes, finally I will not have to answer the "have you had THAT baby yet" question!).


I called my midwife Diane just after 9:00-ish last night b/c I'd had several hours of contractions about 10 minutes apart. Those who have talked to me recently also know I'd had pretty strong contractions for the past THREE weeks - including two false labour scares. Suddenly yesterday things got very painful and intense quickly.

Diane said she was on her way, and my contractions went from 10 minutes to 5-4-3-2-1 - minutes apart in about 10 minutes. We called back - and said come FAST. We called Paul's mom, and as she ran in the front door my water broke . . . I ran to my room and said I could feel the head. Diane arrived at 9:40, I was needing to push, so she said "push!" and our little baby came out in one push!!! WOW. Very intense (and painful, of course) but so super fast it is unbelievable. Brigid and Paul were there to help, the second midwife did not make it. She was born at 9:45 p.m.

Her name is Leah Elizabeth, she weighs 7 lbs 11 oz (who knew that much baby was in me?????) and is PERFECT. She is nursing and sleeping so well. So Leah will share her granny's birthday and was born on the full moon after all.

A little while after Leah was born last night . . .

The boys (who slept through everything since it went so fast and I'm told I didn't even yell or scream!) were pleasantly surprised to have a sister when they woke up this morning!!!

David and Leah . . .

Mommy, David and new little Leah.

Granny Brigid, checking out her full moon baby last night.

Our little family . . . minus Daddy b/c he took the pictures this morning.

Thanks to everyone for all the well wishes and help - we appreciate it and will keep you all updated. Our midwife comes back today for another check up!

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

No more wait - it's 2008!!

Happy New Year to one and all!!! We received a wonderful new camera for Christmas from my parents, and have yet to finalize hooking it up and getting the software running. So these pictures are the last from my old camera and I hope to have new ones pretty soon from our gorgeous new Canon :-)

The holidays were busy, yet relaxing at the same time, for us this year. Due to my "condition" of being 36 weeks pregnant, we did not travel anywhere and just stayed home. We did some entertaining, visiting, and lots and lots of eating!!! While we missed our family from far away oodles and oodles, it was wonderful to have Christmas morning at our house and to see how excited the boys were when they woke up and realized Santa had come! It was really amazing . . . I'm starting to *get* why people always say it's the children that make Christmas magical!

Pete opening his first present . . . a picture truly says a thousand words here.

Because our three-going-on-fifteen-year-old asked Santa for an aircraft carrier . . .

David in his adorable Christmas outfit taking a closer look at the aircraft carrier . . .

David putting his new helicopter to action . . .

Since we've been hit hard with winter this year, we splurged and got Rudy a new fleece/gortex jacket for his cold, icy walks outside. Here he is modeling it :-) He thankfully doesn't mind it at all and wears it with no problem.

Paul caught David trying to make himself a permanent fixture on our bookcase a few days ago . . . I must say he makes a very cute decorative ornament!

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