Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Easter that wasn't

Well, we've survived a long Easter weekend inside. That tricky little Easter bunny stopped by our house and dropped off a case of the stomach flu - yeee-uck! So we've been quarantined here on our own for almost four days - Pete and I had it the worst and will hopefully be feeling better in another day or two. Much is not getting done around this house (read: cleaning, general tidying, cooking, etc!!!) while we all rest and hang out in our PJs. Oh well, maybe we all needed a little break???

So I canceled our Easter dinner and we didn't make it to church, but I did manage to stuff Leah into her Easter dress and take one picture before I took it off. Yes, "stuff" her into I did b/c it's a size 0-3 months and completely does not fit her generous little body. You can see her sausage-like arms busting out of the bottom of the blouse . . . but what you cannot see is that the buttons in the back aren't even done up ;-)

Here is Miss Smiley in a more comfortable outfit!!!

I took this at a bad angle so you can't see her laughing hysterically at Thing 1 and Thing 2. Laughing is one of her new favourite pastimes!

Hamming it up for the camera in her bunny shirt!

And just chillin' in the papasan swing of course . . .

Thing 1 and 2 have taken to fighting Darth Vader on a regular basis now, and since Pete received two lightsabers for his birthday, well, each boy has his own. Paul set them up in the bathroom to take pictures with the lights off - so that the sabers were *glowing*. Not as cool a technique with the flash on your camera hubby, darling!!!

p.s. See that look of sheer adoration in David's eyes??? Yup, Thing 1 has really got him hooked!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Pete turns FOUR!!!

Who knew this little 7 lb bundle would become a big, blond four year old with the most vivid imagination we have ever seen????

Yes, little Pete turned four this week and we had a Transformers (his current favourite thing!) birthday party for him. Nice and small and very manageable - just the way I like it! Here are Pete and David on the big birthday party day, sporting their new Thing 1 and Thing 2 shirts from Auntie Lauren :-) Ca-ute!

David dipping into the chip bowl - loving his fly-away hair these days!

Here's the whole gang . . .

Dad and his soon-to-be-kindergardner . . .

Opening his gifts . . .

The almighty Optimus Prime birthday cake - you can imagine how much we had leftover considering there were only six kids in total and they barely had any of it!!!

Pete blows out the candle - and tells everyone at the table what his wish is (no, not world peace, just making his desire to receive ALL of the Transformer autobots known to us).

David - not looking happy, but truly enjoying his piece of cake.

New pictures of "da chunk"

Things have been extremely busy this past week, but not *too* busy to add some new pictures of our chubby girl!!!!

Posing for mommy . . .

Giving a little cheer for her hockey team - GO SENS GO!!!!!!!!!! (For those not in the loop, Leah was conceived as the Senators entered the Stanley Cup Finals last spring!! She will be a hockey lover for life!).

Starting her daily cooing . . .

I have officially never had a baby grow quite like Leah. She is HUGE. My breastmilk must be filled with some fattening stuff this time around, seems like all I do is fold up and put away clothes that DON'T fit her anymore!!! Thankfully we received a nice big box of cool clothes from our awesome and trendy cousin Reese. Leah models her new jeans . . . roomy enough for her chunky thighs.

Awwwwwwwwwwww, more cute pink outfits!!! And no, she doesn't sleep all the time but is a better model while sleeping b/c she is quite the squirmy worm when she is awake :-)

Paul bonds and spends some quality time with his new little girl . . .

Monday, March 10, 2008

I have a big baby!!!

Leah had her last check up with our midwife today. From here on she will see our family doctor. It was a bit sad, I have spent a *lot* of time at my midwife's office in the past five years :-) I hope to NOT be back there again . . . ever!!!!

*Little* Leah is 12 lbs on the nose and turns 7 weeks tomorrow!! What a big girl she is becoming! I love the chubby cheeks :-) She's also 56 cms long, so quite tall too. It is lovely to not worry about her weight, since the boys were both quite light weights.

***NOTE*** 56 cms is also how much snow we received this weekend :-)

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Don't get lost in the snow!

If you live in Canada, you probably already know that Ottawa got hit with a major winter blizzard this past weekend. We received 56 cms of snow in 48 hours. We have had 144 cms fall so far this season. We are 33 cms away from breaking the all time record for largest snowfall ever in Ottawa. I guess in the spirit of record-breaking I should be hoping for more snow????

To give you a better idea of what 144 cms of snow looks like . . .

I should mention . . . THIS photo was taken BEFORE the snow even started!! Here are the boys playing on the front lawn ;-)

Paul captured a shot of me in my pjs Sunday morning trying to pry out a little circle for Rudy to get out back and go to the bathroom.

Here is the little circle I was able to chisel away for him - the poor dog is learning to live with less and less space each storm!!!

Here is Paul's car - the view as we came out of our garage Sunday morning . . .

Our front walkway . . .

The view out our back door - there's the TOP of the kid's slide!!!

Another view out front . . .

The poor, buried tree in our front yard.

And ironically, they are calling for *more* snow tomorrow :-)

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