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Sunday, June 08, 2008

Ramblings from a potty training mommy

I haven't kept up my resolution to blog every day lately. We've had a couple of interesting days around here and I'm afraid "blogging" got bumped down below "potty training" on my To Do list.

Yes, that's right, after commenting for the past 7 months (since Thing 2 turned two) that he "really is ready to potty train" and "he has a dry diaper in the morning", I was forced to give in. I feared committing to putting him in underwear full time because I am realistic enough to realize I will not be as lucky in potty training David as I was with Pete. He was an anomaly. It seemed too easy, because it was too easy.

Thing 2 is far more stubborn. But the good news is he doesn't want to wear a diaper now, and loves his underwear, so there's really no throwing the towel in at this point. Diapers are behind us. He doesn't *want* to use the potty, however, so we're stuck looking for those telltale signs and then rushing him to the bathroom. He gets very antsy and upset when he has to pee, and I can really tell he needs to go. Which is better than three days ago when he was still just peeing everywhere. So wish me luck, I'm in that "can't really leave the house to go anywhere or do anything" stage. It's super fun. (Yes, that is sarcastic).

Along with potty training in the past three days has come some beautiful, dripping hot weather. What better time to bust out our kiddie pool and brand new swimsuits?

Thing 3 looks all ready to hit the pool or cottage with her closest bffs . . . and a little bling on her suit to show she's all diva.

Thing 2 takes a moment to rehydrate after some heavy duty running around and water fighting.

Thing 1 sports his "surfer dude" look complete with hair to match.

"I'm gorgeous and glowing and I KNOW it."

The boys had more fun than ever just pouring buckets of water over daddy . . . over and over and over and over and over . . .

And cleaned up post-pool party and ready for a few cocktails with her friends!

And I'm off . . . to the potty of course!


Jenny said...

It looks like the boys had a good time in the pool! How did Leah do? Will seemed to like it a lot. He has always like the water since he was a newborn, got lucky there. I helped my sister potty train my niece, I know the feeling of not leaving the house, not fun! Good luck with it though, hopefully since he likes not wearing the diapers it will be a success again!

Tricia said...

OMG I could just squeeze little Leah. TDF cute! And those boys! So cute and looking like they were having so much fun w/ Daddy! TFS the pics. GL w/ the potty training. Samuel wants to wear underwear too but has no interest in breaking from whatever activity he's doing to use the potty. Maybe I just need to throw him in underwear too & go with it. I'm so dreading this!

One Crazy Chick! said...

They are so stinking cute. We do the same thing with our pool and slide as well...the kids love it.

I have potty training fear despite how simple it ended up being with our first.

dougnlarry said...

Good luck with the PT. I'm going to be tackling that here soon, but I'm dreading it. When Gracie trained, we had tile floors, but here we have carpet, so it's going to be a lot bigger PITA.

Leah is gorgeous btw. And I love the surfer pic of Pete.

Don Mills Diva said...

That bathing suit is just too precious - she's totally going to be a heartbreaker!

Donna M said...

Well how darn cute are those pics!! I can't believe Leah is growing so fast. I don't know why I say that because I have seen it with my own two eyes!
Finally nice weather everywhere!

Amanda said...

Oh, how freaking cute are your kids? I LOVE Leah in her swimsuit!!! Pete totally looks like a surfer dude in that pic. And yay David for potty training! Yes, having gone through it recently, it's horrible. Have fun!

Suzanne's Blog, Jane's Blog said...

Looks like everyone was having loads of fun. Cute kids by the way.
As far as pt put some cherriors in the toilet and have him have some target practice. This tip is from my website.

Rebecca said...

Love the pool and water play pics Shans, you have 3 beautiful kids there lady!!

Leah looks adorable in her girly swimsuit, love that chubby belly and arms...makes me want to give her a big ol raspberry on that lovely belly!! hehe

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