Monday, April 17, 2006

Easter Weekend Photos

Here are a few photos from Easter weekend to share with everyone. We just enjoyed a small family Easter with Grandma, who cooked up a DELICIOUS rack of lamb. It was one of the best meals we've had in a long, long time. Yum yum! Peter enjoyed his Easter egg hunt and that big ole' rabbit brought a basket for both boys. Pete has been telling the neighbours today "the East-uh bunny put da eggs in my boots!!!" Peter and David were remarkably well behaved at church too . . . absolutely no screaming in the church came from our pew!!

David is becoming more of an easy target to photograph these days :-) He loves to hang out and play with his toys :

Likes to stand up (although doesn't pull himself up alone yet)!

Likes to sit up by himself (although sometimes still falls over)!

Likes to hang out with dad!

And play with grandma!

Brothers in action:

Out for a nice hike with Rudy at Bruce Pit over Easter weekend:

Mommy and David enjoy the chilly Spring day!

As do Peter and Daddy . . .

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

New family pics - April 12th

Well I haven't updated in a while, things have been busy here! We had a little bout of not sleeping well, which leaves mommy very tired. David and Peter are both so much more active now, they are taking up wayyyyyyyyyy more of my time - not that I'm complaining ;-) David has started cereal and really loves it - I don't think he'll have the appetite problem his brother has! He will be six months old in another week or two, hard to believe. He can sit up very well and is even starting to sit up by himself. And since he can get out of the bumbo now, well, we're spending less time there!

David loves to sit in the exersaucer and play and look around . . . especially watching his big brother play and Rudy run around. The weather is *so* much nicer here lately so we go to the park everyday and walk and hike with Rudy almost daily as well. The fresh air suits us all and David is loving every minute of his first Spring. We visit two local playgroups each week so Pete can interact with children, play, learn and do crafts.

Pete is talking up a storm. Suddenly he is speaking in long, complete sentences and shocking us with his vocabulary every single day! He is so smart and fun to be around. He loves to joke around with mom and dad and grandma and also is developing quite the little sense of humour :-) We enrolled him in a preschool program called Duffer Doo that runs once a week, but little Pete is not quite ready for that yet. He was a little sad when mommy left so we have decided we will try again and enroll him in September!!

So enough about us, here's some new pics of my gang!

Dad reads the boys a story . . . all three guys huddled in bed :-)

David lounging in his fuzzy warm pjs!

And caught in action laughing at mom!

I'm gonna plant a big one right on my mom's face . . .

Having fun playing in the crib . . .

Yum yum I just tasted my first bite of cereal - and I think I love it!!

Peter the handyman with a new haircut . . .

Here are a couple recent pictures of Peter with his new haircut!!! It's hard to get a picture b/c he rarely sits still so I bombarded him with the camera while he ate lunch :-)

And taking after his father . . . our little handyman. Let me tell you, you really have to *pry* the screwdrivers out his little hands!

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