Sunday, August 28, 2005

Pete drinks from a real cup now

Well, Peter has been drinking from a real cup lately instead of his sippy cup. Here he is enjoying some juice with his morning breakfast! *Ahem* please excuse the bed hair - we just got up!

After breakfast he decided to head into the backyard and check out the world . . . from the top of our patio table!!! He's sure becoming a good little climber :-)

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Pete brushes his teeth!

I can hardly believe my little Pete is growing up so quickly - he looks like a little boy now and hardly resembles the baby he was such a short time ago!! He is learning lots of good habits lately, including brushing his teeth every morning and every night at bedtime. Peter has said roughly 10-15 words, but doesn't use them together yet. His latest favorite is "MORE" (mo-uh) and he uses it all the time . . . more juice, more snack, more playtime, more everything! We are working on potty training too - what a big boy Pete will be to his little brother :-)

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

New gate!!

Here is the new gate that Paul designed and built himself - it blocks off access to our backyard so Pete and Rudy can't "escape" anymore. It gives lots of privacy too - we just have to coat it with a stain and we'll be all finished. Way to go carpenter Paul!!

Some of my card samples . . .

These are some of the hand-made cards I have created using stamps and inks and various other craft items . . .


Here is our new mailbox which I stamped using acrylic paint and stamps from Stampin' Up . . . I painted the whole mailbox, stamped with the paints and then coated the whole thing with a weather-proof sealant!!

Samples of my beaded jewellery

Here are some samples of jewellery I have made using different types of beads:

This is a three strand necklace made from various types of purple, wooden seed beads.

This is a blue necklace made with navy, blue and white glass beads with swirls on them.

This is a necklace made from multicoloured glass beads I found when I was in Florida - they are separated by small wooden black beads.

This is a multistrand chocker necklace made from different shades of pink seed beads.

This is a beautiful flat stone I found on a beach on the west coast of Vancouver Island near Uclulet. It is so soft and attractive, so I decided to make it into a necklace.

This is a necklace made from turquoise coloured glass beads.

This is a necklace made from turquoise beads.

This is a bracelet made from amethyst glass beads and sterling silver separators.

These are earrings made from sterling silver and Swarovski crystal beads.

These are purple earrings made from sterling silver and various purple beads.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Let's talk crafts . . . stamped tiles

I am an avid crafts enthusiast and enjoy a variety of different crafts!! I am currently a demonstrator with Stampin' Up and love stamping, scrapbooking, beading, knitting, etc. Here is a recent work of mine . . . a set of coasters I made. I stamped on tiles to create these coasters for my mother as a birthday gift:

Pete's big trip to Nova Scotia

For our final big trip of the summer, Peter and I flew out to Nova Scotia to visit my parents. We had a great time, but unfortunately Pete came down with a serious ear infection as soon as we arrived and was feeling absolutely miserable for the first 5 or 6 days we were there. We even had to take the little tike into the hospital one night with a high fever :-(

But he prevailed and kicked his ear infection and was eventually back to his fun-loving, ENERGETIC, happy old self! The grandparents were pleased to see the real Pete back and had a few days of going to the beach, reading stories, going for walks to enjoy with their grandson. Peter had a fun stay in Hunts Point, and especially loved the beach, as well as tormenting my parents' two airedales, Maggie and Cleo. He had his first real ice cream cone and it's a real shame we didn't have our camera with us for that one!!

Here are a few highlights from the trip:

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