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Friday, June 20, 2008

Let's take some time out here

We just survived a very long week with no preschool, no scheduled activities, and rain every. single. day. Thing 2 had one of his last two-year molars break through his poor, sore, red gums. The pain *must* have been unbearable because he was whiny, cranky, uncooperative, miserable and downright unhappy. He threw several temper tantrums . . . per hour (characteristically unlike him). And yes, I mean the kicking, screaming, BITING kind.

Thing 1 was his excruciatingly "spirited" self, over-reacting and melting down far more frequently than normal. There was much fighting, many tears, some loud words, and one permanent scar left on Pete's arm where David bit him. Even precious, happy, and smiley Thing 3 was not herself the past few days, crying and fussing to a degree we did not think was possible for her - ok, yes, it was mild, but add all these three Things together and what do you get?

Total mommy breakdown.

Well, not yet, but I'm already focusing on a brighter, sunnier, more positive weekend. I trust things will only go up from here.

I also learned I am inadvertently imparting Supernanny's discipline techniques on my own kin already . . . I came around the corner yesterday to see this:

and to hear David saying "you're in a time-out Jesse**, because you were NOT listening to mommy again".

**Jesse is the fun-loving cowgirl from Toy Story 2. Jesse, nor Woody, her close friend and confidante, were harmed in this discipline scenario.


Jenny said...

Is there something in the water that we do not know about? babies acting fussing and kids being fussy. At least you made it through the week and tomorrow is another day, hopefully with sun in the forecast. Have a good weekend!

Kellan said...

How cute - that little Jesse in time-out - HA!

Have a good weekend, Shannon - see you soon. Kellan

Donna M said...

The sun will come out tomorrow.... oh wait, that's a song title and one I always think you live by, right? Glass half full, etc.

Hope everyone is back to normal soon.

OHmommy said...

AWWWW.... sooooo cute.. time out!

Kelli @ writing the waves said...

Whew! You've had a week too! I think it must have been the full moon. That picture is hilarious. I hope this next week this better for ya (and me too!)

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Drop in anytime. :)

Kristen said...

Oh Shannon, that was too funny!

I was feeling really bad for you (and still do) with the rain and crabby kids and all.

But, then I read about Jesse in time out and died laughing.

That was just too cute!

Hope the sun makes an appearance soon! :)

Anonymous said...

rofl, I love that. Kids can be the funniest little creatures, even after being so terrible. Hope the day got better for you all! ;)

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