Friday, April 30, 2004

Peter is six weeks old now!!

Peter is around 6 weeks in most of these pictures!!! Getting to be a real handsome guy :-)

I'll never get tired of holding you my little sweetie!!

Peter loves to look around at his surroundings, taking it all in!

"What is this thing they've put me in??? Do they think this is FUN for babies??"

Don't mind me, I'm just going to catch some zzzzzzzzzs right here!!

Do I ever look cute in this little duckie shirt?

I really love hangin' out and watchin' TV with my daddy!

They really make me take a lot of pictures . . .

They even take pictures of me when I'm sleeping!!!!

We all have to agree the bath pictures are pretty cute . . .

Dad finally found a very comfortable way to hold you . . . he's happy, your happy, all is well in the world!!

Monday, April 12, 2004

Peter is four weeks old now!!

Here is little Peter at Easter 2004. Just four weeks old!! What a little cutie you are :-) We love you so much!! We are such a proud mommy and daddy.

Add ImageProud daddy just loves spending time with and holding his son!! Aren't they cute??

Pete - you look like you are very curious and are still wondering who the heck we are!!!

What a precious little perfect face you have!! Especially peaceful when you are sleeping.

Here's yet another shot of Pete in one of his tiny little outfits!!

Here is Peter with his cousin Aiden. You two are beginning to get comfortable together but maybe are still a little young to be "playing" with each other!! Give it some time, pretty soon you guys will be running around together . . .

Here is Paul's Aunt Mary holding Peter while he sleeps . . . she looks like she is pretty good at this!!!

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