Friday, January 27, 2006

Professional Photos - January 2006

We had a professional photographer take a family photo of us as well as some baby photos of David! We did them in early January and they turned out quite well. Having two children under age two awake, happy and looking at the camera at the same time proved quite challenging! In lieu of Christmas cards this year I am sending out Winter/New Year cards so most of our family and friends will be receiving one of these photos in the mail shortly :-)

Thursday, January 26, 2006

David in baby sling

Some people had asked about my terrific sling - that is making my life much easier - so here are a few pics of what it looks like and little David was happy to model for me :-)

My friend Julia made it and it's so perfect and comfortable and David is such a happy baby in it!

Painting for Grandma's birthday!

Peter and Dad are doing some painting! Peter made a picture for his grandmother's birthday - and she loved it!!!

Peter and David painted their handprints on the birthday card they made for their grandma too!!! This required a lot of clean up and careful washing of little fingers . . .

And finally, Peter and Grandma enjoy some birthday cake after a nice dinner!

Bathtime Brothers

Here are Peter and David taking a bath together. Pete thought it was a lot of fun so I'm sure he'll enjoy it more when David is bigger and can sit up in the tub all by himself! He was very helpful in assisting me clean David too . . . and LOVED cleaning David's hair!!

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Weekend Update - Jan. 21st

Here is little David (ok, not so little anymore!) in ANOTHER cute outfit his aunt Lauren gave him! It's so fleecey and soft and warm and just great for our cold Ottawa winter! I swear this kid smiles a milli-second after I take each picture . . .

David hit 12 weeks on Friday and it's hard to believe he is almost three months (January 28th). He is smiling all the time now and laughing a lot and is such a super happy little boy. He's a lot of fun. He played outside in the snow today with his brother and mom and dad and Rudy. Well, we watched basically while Paul snow-blowed and shoveled the driveway! Finally the rain stopped here and we got some real Ottawa winter snow this morning.

Peter and David did some finger painting today and made a beautiful card for their grandmother's birthday tomorrow. She is going to love it, it has both their precious little handprints on it!

Everyone curled up on a cold winter afternoon for a quick snooze - hey, I'm tired too, can I come lay down with you guys??? Rudy is sure cute these days in his fuzzy winter coat - we keep it long in the winter to keep him well insulated :-)

New Card Designs!

Here are some of my more recent card designs. I have started to sell my cards, which is really exciting! I'm going to start packaging them in groups and marketing them to businesses. A couple companies have purchased some birthday and thank you cards to send to their clients - the home-made cards have been very well received which is what made me think there may be more business potential here! People really seem to love receiving a home-made card, I guess there seems to be a lot of thought and effort put into it!

I'm hoping to start a web site eventually with all my designs and possibly a way in which people who are interested could order some cards. I suppose my big issue will be trying to keep up with demand . . . with two little guys under age two right now my time is fairly limited.

Many of these cards have very simple and basic designs since that was what was requested. I'll try and post some more of my more elaborate designs too for people who might be interested in purchasing interesting and unique birthday cards with flair!!

Friday, January 13, 2006

Scrapbook page layouts

Here are some of my scrapbook page layouts (this is Peter's baby album - the pictures are jumbled up I couldn't format them properly to have them line up in order!).

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