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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Not in a jam anymore

Like many other health-conscious moms out there, I jumped on the BPA-free wagon over the past year. We got rid of our plastic sippy cups and plastic bottles. We switched the boys drinks to Kleen Kanteens and found they though they were *cool* and really loved them. We only own two, however, which has created problems when pint-sized friends come over looking for a non-spilling drink. But since they're pricier than their plastic cousins, we haven't purchased any more yet ($17 here in Canada).

This week I raised my hopes once again that Leah, indeed, will someday take a bottle and give mommy a few hours break from milk production duty. I read on a message board that supposedly the Avent nipples (which remain BPA-free) fit on top of a Smuckers jam jar!!! I didn't think much about it until this week when I used up my very favourite marmalade in the fridge - yes, it was Smuckers.

You can likely see where this is going . . .

For fun, I grabbed one of the only Avent nipples I had left from the boys' bottles (which I had returned to Zellers for a refund when the Canadian government took a stand against BPA) and screwed it on my empty marmalade jar. Well, colour me EXCITED because that lil' puppy fit right on the jar!!! Thank you Mr. Smuckers!!!! I now have in my possession two BPA-free glass bottles with which to feed Thing 3 some expressed milk. One of the bottles I purchased before I had heard this fabulous news about the jam jars. Clearly it will be months before I earn another bottle, since most of the jam we eat comes from my mother-in-law (far better than Smuckers I'm afraid) and even when I purchase the marmalade, I am the only one in the house who eats it and it takes me a long time to empty an entire jar.

So I'm off to eat my weight in whole wheat toast and marmalade now . . . and to remain hopeful that our little princess will greet the jam jar with the same excitement her mother did.


Rebecca said...

Cool I had not heard that Smuckers jars and Avent tops fitted together.....mind you not having a baby anymore I guess that would be why right!

Hopefully Leah will take it for you!! :)

Donna M said...

Good luck on the bottle and Leah thing!
Isn't it funny how the littlest things can cause a grown woman to be totally excited!

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