Friday, July 21, 2006

David is really on the move!

Well, David has been crawling for a while now and is also standing up all the time lately. He rarely wants to be sitting still and *never* wants to be in his exersaucer or playpen anymore. He is just starting to stand on his own for a couple seconds without holding onto anything. He's even taken a few steps with assistance. I didn't expect to have two early walkers on my hands, but it looks like David will follow in his brother's footsteps (literally!) and be walking in the next month or two :-)

Thursday, July 20, 2006

My neice is here!!!! Welcome Reese :-)

Welcome to the world baby Reese Lilianne!!! My very first neice arrived early this morning around 2:00 a.m.!! I've heard Auntie Lauren is doing very well. We thank Uncle Mark for the middle of the night text messages to keep us abreast of everything!!! Baby Reese weighs 7 lbs 4 oz and the whole family is resting and doing well. Well, we'll use the term "resting" loosely now, won't we ;-)

CONGRATULATIONS from all of us and a big slurpy kiss from Peter and David to their very first cousin!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Pool Party!

We were lucky enough to go to a pool party last weekend at our friend Kathy's parents' house. It was a hot day, so we all enjoyed a dip in the pool!!! Peter and David loved the water, so we're excited to spend a week at the beach for our vacation in Nova Scotia.

We're anxiously awaiting some news from Aunt Lauren that she has had her baby girl!! It should be any day now and the boys are so excited to meet their cousin - which they will soon, we're going to visit Lauren and Mark's cottage for a week and visit with everyone. Can't wait to relax and sip cocktails and enjoy a quiet vacation . . . . HA HA HA, fat chance with my two little guys ;-) I think it'll be go go go for us!!!

Pete and Miller recharge with a cold drink!

Monday, July 10, 2006

After baptism bash at our place!

Everyone came back to our house after the baptism to celebrate . . . and it was so hot we all changed into our shorts and t-shirts to be more comfortable.

Nana and David enjoy some sunshine . . . in matching outfits, no less!

David's cake . . . yum yum, I think we all agreed it was delicious.

Mommy and David before diving into the cake!

Pete generously fills the pool before some of us jumped in to get wet!!

Rudy pops in to get cooled off . . .

And David thinks maybe Rudy is actually a horse . . .

David chills out after the party with the balloon remnants. Hey, where the heck did that helium go?????????

David's baptism - July 9th

Little David was baptized this past weekend, on July 9th! He was baptized at St. Maurice Catholic Church in Ottawa. Godparents Auntie Stephanie and Uncle Chris flew all the way from Vancouver for the big event. We totally appreciated all the family who traveled to come spend this special day with all of us. We picked a pretty hot day too - little David made it through the heat in his polyester suit like a champ!

Here we are with the godparents!!

The whole family (well, not really, but many of them). Chris, Steph, Paul, David, Shannon, Donna, John, Brigid, David and Mary. Missing were Anne, David and Aiden (they were sick - hope they are better soon!) and Aunt Lauren and Uncle Mark (about to give birth any day!!).

Little David in his baptism suit all ready for the big day!

Happy godparents with godson!

Here we are before the big dunk . . .

Here goes nothing!!!!

Wiped him off and he hardly even batted an eye! Good job David :-)

Fun and baths

While horsing around on the weekend, all the boys climbed in our play tent - hey, do you all fit in there?????

Yes, Dad was in there too :-)

David LOVES the new lambie Aunt Steph and Uncle Chris brought him!! He snuggles up next to him every night in his crib . . .

Bathtime beauties!!! Looking good bubble-head!

Pete decides HE'D like bubbles on his head too :-)

Crawling and Canada Day!

David started crawling a few weeks ago . . . and often likes to do the "bear crawl" up on all fours!!! He's since learned he can get there a bit faster on his hands and knees!! He's quickly learned how to move and get into trouble - he really likes to go for the electrical cords, fridge, dog's food and water. He's trying to climb up the stairs and to mimic everything his big brother is doing. He can grab onto anything and pull himself up to standing. He can even take a few steps if he can hold onto something sturdy (like mommy's hands)!

We all went to a Canada Day celebration at Ben and Konnie's house, for Samantha's third birthday party . . . the weather was great and everyone had a great time and a yummy barbecue!

Pete enjoys some birthday cake and ice cream at Samantha's birthday party on Canada Day!

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