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Thursday, June 12, 2008

A full plate and the postpartum body

I have had way more on my plate this week than any one individual should have . . . on one's plate, that is. I feel I am coming to an end of it and this weekend should mark the beginning of summer and a slightly more relaxed lifestyle. (Don't even begin to feel pangs of sympathy for me - I signed up to be a toy tester and thus it was explained to me in advance that I needed to complete lengthy reports and submit them to the manufacturers - I chose to leave that until the night before - am I in university again or something? And it was my very own noggin nodding up and down "yes yes" when the preschool committee asked me to take on the job of vice president next fall - except that that really means NOW because I seemed to have been hauled onto fifty million task forces just this week alone - HELLO, these are THREE and FOUR year olds, what tasks should they have outside of finger painting?????)

So I've only the time/energy/thought process for a couple things this evening.

Is it really necessary to have months of post-partum hormones wreaking havoc on my body? I carried this (wonderful, loving and adorable) baby for nine months, and then I had false labour for three weeks, followed by a very intense and painful (yet amazing and exhilarating) birth. It hurt like heck! Then I nurse round the clock for weeks, managing somehow to keep my household afloat and be a mommy to a 2 1/2 and 4 year old as well. Why, oh, why do I still have acne all over my NON-TEENAGE face now? I have little red bumps all over my forehead that look like a rash, except that they ARE NOT, they are pimples!!!! Make up doesn't cover it up, and frankly I don't usually have time for make up.

And the hair loss . . . I'm clogging sinks around the house. I'm clogging drains I didn't even know I had. It's coming out of my head in clumps, mitt-fuls of it. I would fear I'd be bald soon if I hadn't been through this before and know that it will eventually stop falling out and will someday grow back. In the meantime, I'm arming myself with both a pony tail and a vacuum cleaner to get me through the remainder of this HLE (hair loss episode).

And that giant spider-vein thing on my right thigh? There are no words to express the disgust with which I look at that thing. I hear there is laser removal or something you can do to get rid of it . . . sign me up for that please!!! It is shorts season and mommy really needs to bare her legs again.

Although I can't complain too much about the weight loss aspect, I do have four lingering pounds I'm itching to shake. I'm not thinking the impending ice cream season is going to be helping me further that cause. I set my end goal as September so I still have three months left!!

Have I mentioned Thing 2 is potty trained??? I'll take a gold star for that one!


Donna M said...

Congrats to both you and Thing 2 on the potty training! Big and exciting news!
The rest will work itself out.... the hormonal stuff I mean. Signing yourself up for volunteer jobs sounds easy at the time, but...... you are a smart lady and you will succeed!

Jenny said...

That is wonderful news about the potty training! You did that really quick! I was going to do a similar blog about the postpartum body. After having Will I did not realize the major after effects it would have on my body. I to am having hair come out in clumps..clogging up the shower! I am also having clumps come out from Will somehow always finding my hair even when it is pulled back. The ice cream season is here, just think about all the good stuff like watermelon and cherries! Who am I kidding! We all will indulge. But I have found a great new sort of ice cream/frozen yogurt. It is made by Edy's. Slow churned frozen yogurt blends. IT is not totally frozen yogurt but it has less calories than ice cream. The chocolate brownie is pretty awesome!

dougnlarry said...

I'm so jealous that David PT so quickly. I have a feeling I will not be so lucky.

Sorry about the hair loss. It will pass. I had it after both my babies and I know how much is sucks. You're doing a great job! I wish I handled things as well as you do.

The Mom Jen said...

I NEED your potty training tips!!

One Crazy Chick! said...

YAY! For the potty training. My first PT'ed that fast and it was awesome!

Oh !I don't miss the pp hair loss.

Also, that acne? or pimples or whatever my...'baby' is 22 months old and still nursing and I have never had worse acne in my life. How is it possible my face looks worse than it did at 16?

And, lady are you NUTS? I mean of course you are for signing up for VP of that Preschool. But, I totally understand. Somehow I always find myself screaming the words yes before the words 'could you' or 'please' escape someone's mouth.

Kristen said...

Oh the hair loss. How I totally remember freaking out about that when Baby 1 was born. Thank goodness that stopped, but yes, the acne, what is up with that? I swear it is from shear exhuastion of being a parent.

Great to meet you, and sorry they don't have Target in Canada. Actually my best friend lives in New Brunswick and totally loves Target too, but has to save it for trips to the us.

Isn't funny though, I live where there is no Costco. So for now, I will be jealous of your costco!

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog today, and stay tuned to see if you win the gift certificate. And hey, if you do, I'll get you one to a store you have, or send you cash or something. A gift certificate you can't use isn't any fun! :)

Thanks again, and so good to "meet" you! :)

Tricia said...

oh how i could relate to that post! :(

YEAH ON DAVID PT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rebecca said...

Yay on Davie being PT already....WTG smart little big man!! :)

Urgh I remember the hair loss...I was always so sad when my luxurious pregnancy mane started to thin out again....hopefully it will stop soon.

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