Tuesday, November 27, 2007

A few last shots!

Here is one more quick look at our November snowfall - so pretty it's hard to hate it!! :-)

And a few of Pete and his grandad "wrestling" and rough-housing. They had a blast . . . although grandad may have gotten more than he bargained for!!

My cousin Stacey and her husband George and their kids came over to visit. Yes, Rudy is helping my mom with her knitting!

Emily plays with David - until David continuously smashes her blocks onto the floor!

Michael takes a hand at the blocks too!

Rudy relaxes and hangs out with the gang . . .

And because I was so slack that I didn't get the Halloween photos up, here they are for those few that asked ;-)

Dad poses with Captain Jack Sparrow and the little green monster!

Mmmmmmmmmmmmm, lead me to the candy!

Captain Jack took his beaded head wig off for most of the night so he could walk faster and thus obtain more candy ;-)

First Fall Snowstorm

I have been a neglectful blogger, once again. Life, family, commitments and the time of year have all bogged me down and kept me from my *important* blogging duties ;-)

Things are going well in our little household. We have been extremely busy and, as always, I take on way more than I should and end up squeezing a bit too much into each day (and night). Pete is blossoming into an interesting little person, who I often forget is still only 3 1/2 years old. On some days he can be as frustrating as he is overwhelmingly adorable. But he is fun, witty, smart and has such an inventive imagination, I can hardly believe it.

David is talking a lot more, so it is finally becoming easier to communicate with him. He has definitely entered the "terrible twos" and is often falling victim to minor temper tantrums and fits. He is independent and certainly knows what he wants and how to get it. He adores his big brother and tries valiantly to do everything he does. This inevitably leads to some conflict - ok, lots of conflict and I think I've just entered what will likely be the next 20 years of two boys fighting. Thankfully they play together quite well almost as often as they fight, so I am able to stay sane for at least some of the day.

Pete and David's sister is due to arrive in January. I am almost 32 weeks pregnant. I can hardly believe it, it has seem like a *way off* event for so very long. I have just recently started to have some actual anxiety and doubts. Like so many around me have questioned . . . "are you NUTS?" "are you CRAZY?" "do you even know what you're doing?". Yes, yes, and no. I admittedly have no idea how I will cope with a third child, but nonetheless we are anxious and excited to meet P&D's little sister in a mere few weeks. I mean, we will survive, right? Others before me have done this and lived :-)

As Pete and David's Nana and Grandad from Nova Scotia arrived to visit last week, a major November snowstorm hit the Ottawa area and left us with 10-15 cms of snow. It's been . . . interesting getting two toddlers in snow suits but they're having so much fun it's been worth every minute!

Here is Pete, all decked out and ready to help us shovel the driveway.

David loves the snow too, but is not always so keen to shovel!

Our third little snow-lover!

A new friend who showed up in our backyard . . .

My parents let P&D have their Christmas gifts early, given the early arrival of so much snow. Well, the boys ADORED their inner tube sleds and had loads of fun scooting down the hill near our house. And, man, did they ever move FAST!!!!!!! Thankfully the tubes are well made and can't tip over - so we didn't lose anyone along the way :-)

Although Dad did all the really hard work of pulling both tubes, I deserve some credit for making it to the top of the hill in deep snow at least 3-4 times at 31 weeks pregnant!!

Getting ready to launch Pete . . .

Looking up the hill . . .

And here comes Pete!!!!

I thought this was a nice shot of Pete and Paul off in the distance.

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