Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Our big trip to Saint John, New Brunswick

My sister Lauren had her baby shower this past weekend, so David and I flew down so we could attend (David couldn't stay behind b/c I am breastfeeding). Peter and Daddy had a great weekend doing "guy" stuff and bonding!!! And didn't miss mommy too much either, I should add!

Guess what??? I took a few pictures ;-)

Here is David at Montreal airport waiting to change flights . . .

Here is the big boy sitting on the plane!
David and Mommy on the plane . . .

Lauren, me and David at Lauren and Mark's cottage where we had dinner on Saturday night! Yummmmmm, salmon on the BBQ :-)

Lauren practices to be a mommy . . .
David can't keep up with all the partying!!!

Here is the evening view from their front deck . . .

And the cottage lit up with lights that evening!

Nana plays with David at the cottage . . .

And David's favourite new hobby - sucking on Lauren's necklace!!

New Brunswick Trip - part two!

Here are some more photos from our trip to New Brunswick!! I made Lauren and Mark change David's diaper and put his sleeper on him for bed time - they were concerned when he decided to not co-operate too much :-)

Mark, David and Cash

We all went out to breakfast at Cora's - David had a pretty good time and mommy, Lauren and Nana had some pretty yummy food!

After breakfast we went to see Mark finish his 10 KM run - he did well (considering he ran a marathon two weeks ago!) and finished in 44 minutes!! Way to go . . . we didn't get a picture of Michelle but she finished too and in less than an hour!!! I got a great running shot of Mark - by total accident, of course!

Here are some of Lauren's friends at her baby shower!!

Lauren and grandma-to-be relaxing!

Mom, Lauren and I in our pastel colours ;-)

We dove into the cake right after I took this picture . . .

Awwwww - doesn't she look cute?

David got a quick kitchen-sink bath before bedtime to get all cleaned up!

And uncle Mark jumped in to give the bedtime bottle - he is all ready for fatherhood now ;-)

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Mowing the lawn, with help . . .

Well, it's always busy at our house with two little boys around. It's tough for mom to get all the jobs done, so I've started to multi-task . . .

David hops on my back to get some serious lawn-mowing done!

You can't see but he is actually laughing and having a great old time!

Get that camera outta my face while I'm mowing the lawn!!

Cute as a button!!

David's first tooth has finally poked through! He has a little glimmer of white on his bottom gums :-) Looks pretty cute! Maybe that's why he's not sleeping lately??? Looks like another might be on the way!

David's a busy boy - here he stops *looking cute* to take a phone call!

We babysat Rudy's brother Zeus last weekend for my cousin Stacey!! The two brothers had a fun time together - too bad it rained the whole time . . .

Peter looks outside to see what the heck he's missing out there!

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