Friday, November 25, 2005

Little David is four weeks old today!!

With two kids and a lot more "gear" required I spurged and bought a great new diaper bag from Lands End - it holds everything. It's technically for David so I had it monogramed for him too!!

David is starting to be more alert and open his eyes a lot more, for longer periods of time. I know he can't see much right now, but he appears to be watching his big brother and taking in things around him!

David lounges on his big brother's new big boy bed . . .

Can't get him to smile for the camera yet, but he's pretty cute nonetheless :-)

Mom - "stop taking pictures will you????????"

Jen bought us this little "bag" sleeper and it is our favourite new outfit for David!! It's lined with fleece inside so keeps him super warm, and it has snaps and ties that wrap it around him tightly, like he's swaddled.

Peter stays busy while I nurse David

People have been asking me, "what does Peter do while you are nursing little David??".

Well, here is what Peter does while I am busy nursing David . . . some days he reconstructs the bathroom and does some serious rearranging of various items . . .

(by the way, our bathroom usually looks NEAT!)

Boys find a fun indoor activity in the cold weather . . .

We've been hit with some serious snow and brutally cold temperatures this week, so me and my guys have had to come up with some innovative indoor activities to keep things lively!

Here are some pictures of Peter and David hangin' out on one of our old mattresses . . . tried very hard to get a cute shot of the two brothers together . . . this proved to be VERY difficult with just me as the photographer and both of them at times uncooperative!!

Peter takes a break from his favourite activity of the day - jumping like a maniac on the mattress!!

Finally . . . . got him to look at the camera!

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Proud mom and her boys!

Here is proud Mom with her two boys (not a great photo):

. . . and proud mom with her new little one!

David is two weeks old now!

David is doing just great and is fitting in with his new little family like a champ!! Big brother Peter loves him a lot and loves to give him lots of kisses and hugs, and bring him toys to lay on his lap!! Rudy seems to like the new addition as well, he is a lot less threatening to him than Peter is these days :-)

David is breastfeeding very well, but and is gaining weight slowly. He's still small, under 8 lbs but we get him weighed again on Monday. He still sleeps a lot but does open his eyes for slightly longer periods now to check out his new digs. He is a VERY happy baby and sleeps, eats and almost never cries. He probably feels there is too much noise in this house already - ha ha!

Here are some photos of our new little guy:

Peter gives his brother David a hug . . .

Hmmmm . . . trying to get that perfect shot:

Feeling cold after a bath - yikes, wrap me up quickly mommy!!

Saturday, November 05, 2005

New pictures of David Mark!!

Here are some new pictures of Baby David Mark Bertels:

Here is proud grandmother with her grandson!!

Here are a number of photos trying to get him to smile - or even look at the camera and open his eyes for a minute - with no such luck. But still very cute nonetheless :-)

Here is big brother Pete holding his little brother:

This was when David was just a few days old:

This is Pete with his brother David . . . this was the day after he was born, hence me looking so rough!!

Recent Pete pictures - Halloween!!

Here are a couple *interesting* recent pictures of Peter's latest antics . . . the rest are all Halloween photos :-)

Pete decides he'll go to any lengths to get some cookies.

Peter likes to pretend he is a space-man.

Here is our little Halloween cow !!

Hangin' out with Ryan and Liam - looks great guys!!

Dad took Pete trick-or-treating so Mom could stay home with baby David to give out the treats to all the little ones . . . and in true spirit Dad dressed up as a cow too. What a great little herd :-)

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