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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

I wear underwear . . .

Only two words come to mind lately . . . POTTY TRAINING. We'd been putting forth some weak efforts for quite a while but while on vacation Peter did his first real potty poop in months. We were THRILLED, and of course had to come through on our promise to take Pete to Canadian Tire so he could pick out and buy his very own screwdriver for his tool box. He was very proud and very excited.

Once we arrived back in Ottawa Peter got a nasty rash on his behind from a yucky poop. I told him diapers and pull ups can give big boys a rash, but underwear don't. He seemed conned, so I gave it a try. He seemed keen to have the underwear on and I actually left them on all day this time. And here we are today at the one week anniversary of NO DIAPERS - only underwear all day long and naps too :-)!!! Of course, we've had a number of accidents, but things are going better than I had anticipated.

The first 4-5 days were tough with LOTS of pee accidents and one big poop mess. There has only been one more poop accident since then, and now none since Monday!! He actually poop behind a tree at a playground yesterday - I noticed that grimace on his face on the slide and yelled "let's go poop somewhere Peter". He said "this hill looks like a nice place to poop mommy" and there he went, squatted right down like a dog and pooped at the park!!! I almost died laughing . . . then I scooped it up with my dog poop bag and off it went :-)

The past two days have been huge improvements - almost every time he says he needs to pee and runs to the bathroom and goes right on the potty. Even today he walked in by himself, I came around the corner and there he was pooping on his own! I guess at a week now there's no way I can go back to dipes so I should commit to buying a few new pairs of underwear!! I know there will be lots more accidents but I think we have turned a major corner here.

I'm soooooooooooooooo proud of him :-).


Donna M said...

I am proud of both of you! A huge accomplishment! And in a short while when there are no more accidents, there will just be the one in dipes!

Liz said...

wow that is so wonderful, funny too about the park. You are inspiring me to make the dreaded commitment to potty training.

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