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Saturday, June 28, 2008

The Ultimate I Buy Canadian Blog Party!

Although I'm a little late, I'm joining the Ultimate I Buy Canadian Blog Party hosted by Apples 'n' Oranges, a great Canadian company I just found offering Made in Canada children's clothing for ages 0-5. Well, that suits me perfectly since I have THREE Things, age four and under!! Although I'm very late, and very tired (the contest closes tonight at midnight and it's after 11:00 pm!), here's my bit:

I buy Canadian products whenever possible. It is important to my family and I to support our country's economy, to keep things local and support business in our area. We buy local and organic food as much as we can (see my next post, lol), made-in-Canada clothing, cloth diapers, and as much else as we possibly can. Last fall we purchased a beautiful bunk bed for the boys, handcrafted across the river from us in Aylmer, Quebec! Because of many Canadian government policies and regulations, a large number of the Canadian products we choose to purchase are environmentally friendly, safe, and non-toxic . . . a huge plus for us and our little family.

It's also important to us to buy from smaller, local businesses when possible, because in large part we are then avoiding large corporations who are possibly purchasing clothing, toys and other items made by men and women in other countries working under deplorable circumstances, for very little pay. Keeping things Canadian works for us!!!


Unknown said...

You might like this book A YEar without Made in ChinaHere is a review on it.

Simply Shannon said...

Kudos to you! I need to be a bit better about buying things locally myself. I feel like that's a difficult thing to do living in such an urban area though...back in Maine it's a piece o' cake. Around here I wouldn't even know where to look. You've inspired me to try to figure it out though. Thanks!

Jenny said...

Such a good idea. What a great site it is too.
hope you have a great weekend.

Martha said...

YEAH....Jessica recommended that book "Made in China" to me, too...and local is better. It's hard, but we can do our best to buy local, or grow our own!!!

Kristen said...

Yea, seriously, go Canada. So many plus's to living there if you ask me!

Hope you win something.

Megan said...

i confess. i never buy canadian. sorry. it's not a choice to make, really. do they sell canadian stuff in america??? regardless. no offense canada, i think you're lovely.


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