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Friday, May 30, 2008

Nothing fits the giant baby

I'm patiently waiting for some hot weather so the giant baby can start wearing cute little baby dresses. She officially doesn't fit in any cute jeans or capris and several of her "spring" weight pants can no longer slide up over her girth. It's a challenge getting her dressed in the morning, and I only had a third baby hoping it would be a girl, so I could dress her in cute things, RIGHT? ;-) And while I am proud (and distraught at the same time) to have a daughter of mine blessed with her mother's *athletic* thighs, YOU try finding something other than leggings to fit this:

(mental note : this is the first photo of her, ever, with no pink on)

So if we could just jump a few degrees to that category we all know as "hot", I could put her in flowy dresses and matching little diaper covers without fearing I was going to freeze her. She'd be comfy, we could change her easier, and all peace would be upon us. No more digging like a madwoman and searching for some top to match the crazy patterned leggings we seem to own.

Since a number of people have asked me this lately, here you are, all three Things at four months old.

Thing 3

Thing 2

Thing 1


Phyllis said...

OMG, they're all such cute babes, Shannon! I really see the family resemblance between all three, but there's a definite likeness to Thing 2 & Thing 3!

lexa said...

Aww, three cuties!

Love you new blog design. :)

Donna M said...

They do all look somewhat alike at that age!
I hope for warmer weather for you all, but mostly for Leah so she doesn't have to be subjected to these comments on her size again. You could be forever damaging her psyche.

dougnlarry said...

I love baby rolls! Leah is gorgeous, even if most of her clothes don't fit. Bradley was wearing 12 mo clothes when he was 6 months, so I know how it goes. I hope it warms up soon so you can put her in cute dresses.

Amanda said...

I hope the warm weather comes fast! Dresses are so much fun! Leah is so preacious - especially those rolls!!

Amanda said...

oops - I meant "precious"

Rebecca said...

I love your chubby girl Shans, chubby babies ARE the cutest out there!!
I think she will look back when she is a young woman and recognise that you loved her chubby healthy baby self, and not be damaged by the chubby comments. :)

Anonymous said...

The Things are 3 beatiful children! I think oldest thing can go to Tim Hortons with me!


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