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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Don't diagnose online!

So waddyathink? So far so good on the new design! I knew immediately when I saw this graphic that it was exactly and completely what I was looking for. It's perfect. See Thing 1, 2 and 3 playing at the park? With a mom, a dad, and a dog? Yeah, dude, that's us and the whole silhouette was just screaming "a crafty mom's blog" to me. Although it's remarkably not representative of anything crafty. But, heck, we're flexible around here so I decided to go with it!

We (the *collective* we, meaning Peter, David, Leah and I) packed up and headed downtown to see the doctor about Peter's face. Our regular doctor was not in today, so we saw one of her colleagues. I was impressed, he was on time, pleasant, and good with kids. He was remarkably calm when he walked into the room to see David taking apart a wooden represenatation of a prostate. Hmmmmm. I only have two hands, and well, there were four of us crammed into his tiny office.

He asked me what we were in for. I said "my son Peter has what appears to be a staph infection on his face. I googled it and I believe it might be impetigo".

"You know, it's a very bad idea to seek medical advice online, and even worse to try to diagnose any type of rash on a child. There are so many grey areas in which you could make a mistake."

"Yes, doctor, that's why I am HERE, in your office today. What do you think it is?"

"It's clearly impetigo. If you googled impetigo and looked for a photo, a picture of your son would be there."

"Oh, thank you. So I guess my online diagnosis was correct?"

"Yes. THIS time."

He gave us an antibiotic prescription and off we went. Completely painless :-)


Amanda said...

That's hilarious Shannon! Good job on the diagnosis anyway! Hope Pete gets better soon.

Donna M said...

Poor Pete! Impetigo is horrid. Glad you got some meds for it. And we definitely need pics of him in his soccer outfit! What did David think of it all?
Love your new blog layout and yes I did realize that it fit your family to a T. In fact, I thought it was custom designed for you!

Anonymous said...

Love the new layout!!!

LMAO...who doesn't google these days & then obsess over the results? Hope it clears up quickly with the meds!

Tricia said...

looks great shannon! nice work! yeah on getting some help for pete. tk

dougnlarry said...

LOL at the doc! Seriously. That's hilarious.

I'm glad you got some meds and I hope Pete is better soon.

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