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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Warning: too much cute stuff here

Well, if this isn't enough to keep me going on the "hard days", then I guess nothing will. If you have more than one child (and I'll even let you read on if you only have one), you'll know *exactly* what I mean. But, if this tugged at my heartstrings any harder, my heart would be ripped out and lying in a mess on the floor.

Since I promised to share some new golden nuggets of information with everyone, I'll talk today about one of my favourite sites to peruse for new threads for my kids. The Inspired Congo is a great place to find unique, WAHM-designed stuff for babies and kids. Click on the Hyenacart Shop so you can scroll through and see a variety of home-made and designed clothing and accessories by a number of talented ladies. I own a number of things from Nita at Hot Salad - and it's all amazing quality, cute, and super kid-friendly. The boys have a couple things they've worn since last summer, the clothing still looks brand new and washes so well. I've often had comments from friends (and strangers) about it so I wanted to share my secrets! Check them out! Leah is the proud new owner of this, and although it won't fit her until next summer, it's going to be super comfy (notice the diaper cover to match - way too cute!!).

I also just wanted to throw in a thanks to my family for a wonderful Mother's Day. We had a beautiful brunch at our neighbourhood pub (cannot beat Eggs Benedict there) and Paul surprised me (I'll use the term surprise *loosely* here!) with a necklace I'd been eyeing from Amos Pewter. It's gorgeous and I love it. I'm addicted to hand-crafted jewelry and this is definitely my new fab fav.

And just for good measure, to send you on your merry way:


Donna M said...

Cute pics. The boys look like angels!
Glad you like the necklace and that it got there safe and sound.

Tricia said...

OMG look at those precious pictures! DH was giggling at that adorable picture of Leah! Way too cute! Love your links! Thanks for sharing! And yeah on the new outfit for Leah and COOL necklace for you. I assume you saw in the description of the necklace the information on the #3? Perfect jewelry for you given you have 3 kids! :) tk

Landerson said...

Waaaayyyyyyyy too cute:))

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