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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Hey . . . someone reads this site!

I'm very excited. People read this blog. And I found out today that it is truly useful to some. I couldn't be happier. I added a ticker to count hits on this site a week and a half ago . . . and apparently quite a few more people than I thought are actually reading this. Or stalking me.

I packed the Things up today to visit my friend J, who has a daughter Pete's age and a new baby a little younger (and significantly smaller!) than Leah. While chatting about her "higher-than-average-needs" baby and fussiness, she told me she'd clicked on Tricia's blog link and read her reviews of baby carriers. She ended up purchasing a Moby Wrap b/c she'd read about the success that Tricia had with hers!! That's fantastic and I know that Tricia will be both floored and thrilled to find out someone is reading her blog :-) J said it has made a big difference and that her baby K really loves it . . . and now she can actually leave her house and take her older daughter to the park to play!!! Success!

Our visit went quite well. Visits with our little family can sometimes rival a circus sideshow, but all went well and the kids all seemed to have a good time. I didn't bring my camera and missed some choice shots of David and Pete wearing some of R's *bling*. Not sure if daddy would have approved but that's ok, the game evolved into a jewelry heist anyway!!

While on the subject of baby carriers and baby wearing, I should mention that I heard this recommended by a friend and am secretly lusting for it. It looks like the perfect combination of my hotsling-model (designed and made by another talented friend of mine) and the baby-bjorn. I'm finding as Leah gets heavier (stay tuned tomorrow for a weight check in on the giant baby), the bjorn is not that comfortable and hurts my shoulders, even though I know I have it adjusted correctly. The regular sling is just not her thing all the time - she is a very active, jumpy, leg-twitching baby and loves the bjorn b/c she can kick to her little heart's content. The Beco Butterfly is supposed to be comfy and useful up to 55 pounds! You can place baby on your front or your back, and the design is totally ergonomic and thus totally comfortable for mommy. Thing 5 (otherwise known as Paul) would "skin my hide" if I purchased another mode of carrying my child, so for now the Beco remains unobtainable for us . . . unless I win the lottery sometime in the coming weeks.

Maybe I can convince him buying the Beco is cheaper than a future chiropractic bill ??????????


Phyllis said...

Yep...I'll admit it -- I'm a stalker!

I'm going to have to check out that Pink Solution stuff -- sounds PERFECT!

Tricia said...

OMG! I'm SO EXCITED that my review helped someone!!! You hit the nail on the head saying I'd be floored & thrilled! YEAH!

Can't wait to find out Leah's weight! :)

And that baby carrier looks really cool. My DH would skin my hide too. ;)


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