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Monday, May 12, 2008

We licked our leaky dipe problem!

Some of you know that I have been complaining as of late that Leah's diapers have been leaking. What is the point of using cloth diapers when they leak at every change and her clothing is wet too? Then I'm changing diapers every hour - not to mention putting a fresh, dry outfit on my babe. That's more time than I have during the day, and more than I'm willing to spend on extra laundry. I was perplexed and frustrated to say the least. The culprits were my Fuzzibunz, a pocket diaper that you stuff with a hemp or microfiber insert for absorbency. Well, they were leaking out the sides of the fitted legs - I wasn't sure if it was b/c Leah is chunkier than the boys were at this age and thus the diapers didn't have a snug fit, or if they were just too worn and used b/c Thing 1 and Thing 2 had worn them.

After researching online until my eyes were bloodshot, I went down to talk to Suzy at The Extraordinary Baby Shoppe. She said I likely needed to strip my diapers to get rid of unwanted detergent residue (which renders the diapers pretty much useless b/c they no longer are able to wick away the wetness). I told her I'd already stripped them using hot boiling water, but she gave me a baking soda and vinegar recipe to try. Well, it seems to have worked!!! I am beyond thrilled. I truly didn't want to use disposables (my reasons are tremendous cost savings; as well as for environmental reasons - I don't want to be filling up landfills with something as difficult to break down and decompose as disposable diapers) and was not excited to need to spend more money on new cloth dipes. I mean, I'm saving thousands of dollars using the same set I originally bought four years ago.

But, the desire to keep my girl in the cutest, finest, softest cloth dipes around, led me to pick up a few new dipes . . . seeing as I had made the trek all the way over to Parkdale to go to the store anyway :-) (Hey, is that the voice of reason I hear?).

These new Happy Heiny's are adorable. Similar to Fuzzibunz but with velcro instead of snaps. And I had wanted to try the new bamboo diaper from Bummi's for a while. Check out these sweet Bamboozles!! These need a cover, but I already have several at home.

So I'm off for now - yes, to change a diaper. But not an entire wet outfit :-) Colour me excited!!!


AK Alter Ego said...

Yay for effective stripping and new diapers too!

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