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Sunday, May 11, 2008

A day for Mother

Happy Mother's Day to every mom out there. There is only one day a year made for us, so enjoy it for every last second :-) I wanted to share a little poem I wrote for my own mom.

My Mother

My first memory of my dear, sweet mother

Is of her tucking me in, pulling up my cover

And off I went to sleep each night

With memories of her arms around me tight.

As I started to grow, she picked me up,

She cleaned my scrapes and put juice in my cup

She broke up fights between my sister and I

And helped with my homework as each year would go by.

She took me to skating and told me I was “good”

Even when my spiral didn’t look as it should

She encouraged me to read, and to fill my potential

To do well in school and earn any type of credential.

As time ticked by, I became a moody little bitch

From a cute little girl, that had been quite a switch

But that sweet mother, she loved unconditionally

She stuck it out, she always cared so traditionally.

Then she waved goodbye as I left on my way

To go to school in Ontario one bright sunny day

We were both very scared, but little did she know

That all she had taught me had prepared me to go.

I blossomed and learned to own my actions

To not worry what others thought, or need their reactions

To be true to my self, and loyal to friends

Has gotten me further than following trends.

But it wasn’t until I myself found a man

And married him out near the beach and the sand

And started a family of my very own

That I truly appreciated how fast time has flown.

Now that I have three babes in my nest

My own sense of motherhood is put to the test

The true and unending love that one mom can feel

Is something my own kin have helped to make real.

So today I understand all the small things you did

Like staying up all night when I was a sick kid

And showing your patience and your love and your pride

Helping me with that bike I learned to ride.

So now, mother dear, I dig down deeply to tell you

I appreciate, love, respect you, and thank you

For all that you did; and all that you are

You are one spectacular mother by far.


Phyllis said...

That poem is BEAUTIFUL, Shannon! It literally moved me to tears.

Landerson said...

Wow Shan, that was so nice:0) The tears were flowing!

dougnlarry said...

That was so sweet, Shan. I'm sure your mom will love it.

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