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Friday, May 16, 2008


We are all so excited this morning to be welcoming the newest member of our family!! My sister had her a little boy this morning, Hunter, weighing in at 8lbs!! He and mom (and dad and sister Reese) are doing extremely well. The birth was pretty speedy (I warned her about this only yesterday - those sneaky second babies like to come out fast!) so Lauren didn't get an epidural but did just fantastic! Pete and David are thrilled to have a new cousin and we all cannot wait to meet him soon. I just spoke to Lauren on the phone yesterday and she was saying she didn't want to have the baby over the long weekend. WELL, no worries on that front sis, he gave you a break to enjoy your long weekend with your new family :-)

In other news . . . I went for my first post-Leah run the other night. Through much muscle pain and fatigue, I learned I am *truly* out of shape. It's been almost a year since I have run, and I barely made it a km or two. So now that the weather is nice there are no valid or reasonable excuses why I can't run in the evenings and get myself back into shape. I seem to be stalled in my weight loss too - I have a final five pounds to go but they are proving to be a little deceptive. I'm hoping the running will help shake off a pound or two. But, seriously, I think eating less ice cream would do it too :-).


lexa said...

Congrats on the new nephew! He's a cutie! (Saw pics on your mother's and sister's blogs.)

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