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Thursday, January 15, 2009

I Get all Giddy for Organizing

I'm very interested in organizing these days. I follow a few excellent organizing blogs, like I'm an Organizing Junkie and Creative Organizing, and I frequently find them incredibly helpful in helping me maintain a sane and clutter-free life.

Why the heck do I care about organizing at all?

Let's see . . . I have 3 Things, each of whom comes with an array of little *stuff* including such paraphernalia as diapers, toys, clothing, gadgets, books, backpacks and sippy cups. Their stuff is everywhere. As of Monday morning, I will also welcome into my humble abode a fourth little Thing, who will spend each day with us, and who will arrive like clockwork in the morning with his own conglomeration of *stuff*.

And you all know Thing 4, aka The Thing's Cocker Spaniel. Yeah, he has a bunch of stuff too. Dog food, leashes, and other pet necessities.

The cherry on top of this very lovely and multi-tiered ice cream sundae is the fact that we all live in an extremely small house. A bungalow, to be precise. And with the housing market and the economy in the current state it is . . . well, clearly we're not "movin' on up" anytime soon.

Instead? We make do with what we have. We organize and prioritize our Things (and things) and, for the most part, life is able to chug along pretty smoothly. We make so with a small space, everything has its place, and that's exactly where it should go.

So, imagine my surprise when I was checking some recipes on marvelous Martha's website and stumbled across her Organizing Tip of the Day! Fantastic! And I can have this little gem signed, sealed, and delivered right to my very own inbox each day. My organizational little heart was oozing over Tuesday the 13th's tip to stash entire sheet sets inside one of its pillowcases inside your linen closet.

GENIUS, Martha. Pure GENIUS.

I'm re-folding and sorting as I type.

I found my gleaming eye also wandering to the section on Organizing an Entryway, and found this awesome Basket Rack How-To. I am still needing to re-vamp my teeny-tiny entryway - more than ever - now that it's January in Ottawa. I need to aleviate stress and chaos when we (and by "we" I mean me and my traveling pack of Things) enter or exit the house. Each child has a snow suit which consists of either one or two pieces, one scarf, one pair of mitts, one hat, one pair of wet, slushy boots, and one backpack. The gear needs to fall nicely into place as we embark or disembark, and thus this has now shifted its weight on the list of priorities and is one of my goals for the next month or two.

And maybe, just maybe, my dream of a beautiful and completely handy mudroom will one day materialize.


Megan said...

who DOESNT want a mudroom like that?!

MamaGeek @ Works For Us said...

Girl, I so get you (and LOVE the blog design) - VERY CLEVER!

Now, I'm off to fold laundry!

Anonymous said...

Love the pillowcase tip! I've now gone and signed myself up for some useful tips as well. I find Real Simple has a lot of great tips for organizing and has great recipes, etc too.

Anonymous said...

Darn the link didn't we go...

Real Simple.

Amanda said...

Why have I never thought to store my sheets in a pillowcase? Seriously. Great idea!

amanda said...

love the pillowcase trick!!

and the makes me drool!!

dougnlarry said...

I wish I could organize my mudroom, but it's just not big enough. Good for you for getting organized.

Anonymous said...

so what are you using the room off the garage/dining room!! That would be an awesome mud room you could come in through the garage and not even use the front door....just a thought! Christine

Unknown said...

You can fold sheets and type at the same time? Brilliant!!! ; )

I'm all about organization right now too. Isn't it fun?

Honey Mommy said...

I need to get more organized too. The older my kids get the more stuff they seem to have!

Anonymous said...

Good for you for getting all super organized! Must be so liberating!

Thanks for the lovely comments on my craft blog. To answer your question about the Tilda stamps: They are from Magnolia, a Swedish company, which has become super popular in North America. I found this site for you, if you want to check it out some more:

And here is a link to Magnolia's own blog, they write in both swedish and english and have frequent blog candy give-aways, challenges and such. I never enter because it's so ridiculoursly popular and why would I win among 700 other contestants? ;)

I just ordered a new bunch of Magnolia stamps and I am sitting on pins and needles waiting for them to arrive, I love colouring Tilda! :)
What do you use for colouring? I'd love to see some of your projects, I bet they're really great! :)

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