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Monday, January 12, 2009

I give my heart to Lego and Playmobil

While I understand that Jesus was born on December 25th for very powerful and world-changing reasons, I still think Christmas falls at the end of December so that little girls and boys all over the world can play with their new toys throughout the very coldest and most brutal month of the year.


It is wonderful to watch Things 1 and 2 get so excited over new toys. It's definitely the age of getting that new toy high. They are three and nearly five, so they wrote their carefully-thought out letters to Santa and waited in anticipation to see if the toy they asked for would arrive under the Christmas tree.

And now my home is filled with Lego and Playmobil, companies who arguably manufacture toys with the *most* itty bitty tiny pieces per box. Although I am painstakingly trying to contain the parts (I lost track of counting the pieces once I hit six figures), there are inevitably miniature hats, stop signs, car pieces, ropes and little body pieces all over my carpet. And floor. And couches. And bathroom tile. And squished into tiny crevices all over my house.

I spend huge chunks of my day chasing after Thing 3 and trying to dislodge little tiny people from her increasingly strong jaws. It's tiring. After three weeks of Lego and Playmobil wrangling, it's gotten old.

The silver lining to all this is how entirely enamoured with the stuff the Things are. They LOVE it. They ADORE it. They have not stopped playing with it since they opened the original boxes on Christmas morning. They play with it alone. They play with it together. They have not watched TV in weeks. They rarely argue (note I said "rarely" because they are preschool-age boys and they do, indeed, fight sometimes). They genuinely want to stay home every day and play with
their "guys".

An added benefit? These toys are not CRAP, they are well-made, educational and useful toys that I feel comfortable having my children use. Playmobil is a fantastic German company that takes pride in it's craftmanship and developes high-quality and safe toys.

Now, for the most part, the Lego toys are quite advanced and are ages 5-7 or up. I'm thoroughly impressed with Thing 1's ability to follow the directions and assemble much of the pieces on his own. While Thing 2 gets easily frustrated when his "stuff" falls apart, he does quite well for a three-year-old kid. Their imaginations are soaring and I enjoy sitting and eavesdropping on their creative and animated play. I'll often catch myself grinning ear to ear and beaming with pride as I watch my two Things play so well together.

So that makes it all worthwile, right? Even picking lint-infested little tiny boots out of my vaccum cleaner . . .

And I now have two children who emphatically know what they want to be when they grow up.

Perhaps they'll go under cover as Secret Agents and fight for the better good of all mankind.

Or they might become world-wide adventurers and search for the Ark of the Covenant.

Or better yet, they might stick a little closer to home, and serve their own city fighting crime and chasing bank robbers.
The opportunities are limitless.


Anonymous said...

And it just keeps going: Our 12 yr old is only now slowing down slightly on the Playmobil and Lego is still on the A-list. Last year's Lego Space shuttle (with hubble telescope on board) was a huge e-bay quest, but how can you refuse when your daughter wants to be an astronaut. Still plenty of ammunition for the vacuum cleaner around here!

Unknown said...

You are the second blogger I know to mention Playmobil this week. And we don't even have any. May have to look into them for B's birthday in April. They sound great. Well except for the picking them up part.

Donna M said...

So nice to hear that the boys are enjoying their new gifts so much. It is so wonderful when they can let their imaginations work for them instead of the TV doing it for them!

Anonymous said...

Playmobil is awesome and Jayla is starting to really get into it now at this age, she got lots for Christmas.

Aly @ Lip Zip said...

I'm looking forward to the Lego and Playmobil days...or at least I was until I read your post! :)

Our 2 year old has started putting things back in his mouth again. I thought we were past this face. I think he likes the challenge of outwitting mom. (It's not that hard to do these days.)

tiarastantrums said...

we are lovers of lego and playmobil a s well

Andrea@Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

I seriously can not wait until (at least) Judah is into these. I have a huge HUGE amount of them for my kids from when Daniel was a little boy.
I love watching kids play and imagine and create with Legos and the like. It's what being a kid should look like, you know.

Glad your boys are diggin' them!!!

I SO understand the fun of fishing out small parts from little girl mouths :)


Anti-Supermom said...

You are so speaking my language. Henry takes a rest every day (while I take a nap) and play with legos in his room - for a hour - without talking.

It's bliss.

I puffy heart them too.

Anonymous said...

Any suggestions for age-appropriate toys for a 4.5 y.o.?

Loukia said...

Oh, my 3 and a half year old is IN LOVE with Lego and everything Playmobil. Santa got him the entire Playmobil train set for Christmas... hubby and I love the great quality of these German made toys, too. The only hard part is keeping the little pieces away from my 1 year old who still loves to put things in his mouth! But yeah, these are some awesome toys for sure! And Lego rocks!

Anonymous said...

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