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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A quick peek at some cards

On most days the 3 Things drain me of the bulk of my energy - creativity included.

Thing 3 is suddenly in the throes of getting into stuff and can hardly be left for a moment. Thing 1 is barely at kindergarten for 2 1/2 hours a day and I need to get him there, and get him home. Thing 2 has preschool two mornings a week, and I also need to ensure he arrives there and is picked up. Now that I'm watching a fourth Thing, you can see that my daily routine is sheer insanity.

These days the craft projects are few and far between, and although it saddens me somewhat, I take comfort in the fact that I know these Things will not be young for long, and in years to come they will be busy with their own lives . . . leaving their Crafty Mom to nurture her creative side and dive into the crafts in which she takes pleasure.

I did manage to make a few Thank You cards recently and sent them off to several relatives after Christmas. This photo is horrible, I truly apologize.

I made this for my cousin whose wife just had a little boy. Again, this photo is poor quality but I really liked the velvet ribbon along the bottom. I didn't cut the cardstock properly and so the stamped baby carriage image didn't fit vertically onto the card. I ended up tilting it a bit and surprisingly like it like that.

I made a couple of these for birthdays . . . I just love the colour mixtures as turquoise is one of my favourite colours.

Most of the stamps are from Stampin' Up I believe, and I had been experimenting with a couple new punches I got before Christmas. I love the scallop punch and have been using it like a madwoman on most of the cards I've done lately.


Jen said...

So cute! I love homemade cards. I save every single one I get. Mostly for inspiration and ideas if I ever get my act together and start making them myself.

Phyllis said...

Very nice indeed!! I really need to start stamping again myself....maybe once Nora's older...?? That, or we could do that stamp set swap....maybe next summer...

dougnlarry said...

Great job! They are all gorgeous!

Unknown said...

So cute! I really like the last one a lot and you're right that scallop punch is awesome! Happy crafting (and I totally hear you about fitting it in when you can!)

Anonymous said...

These are just fabulous Miss Shannon! It has been much too long since we made some time for this. In fact, the Princess Consort actually made the handcrafted cards we used with family members at Christmas. Seriously.

Like you, the turquoise with the pink is a fave for us as well!

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