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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Prioritize and Organize

As far as organization skills go, I'd say I'm mediocre. We stay afloat around here, but some days it's just barely. And I can really only use the "but I just had a baby" excuse for so long. I've decided it's time to get this ship we call home in tip-top shape. I think there are a number of ways I can organize things more efficiently around here so that the end result is things run smoother for all of us.

We live in a small house. For now, that is just the way it is. With the economy the way it is and with me not back at work yet, we will not be buying a larger home in the very near future. With three Things, two parents, and one dog, we simply can't allow the house to become over run with *stuff* and clutter. If things are not organized, chaos ensues. If chaos ensues, mommy starts to lose her mind.

On my path to being more organized, I have a number of things I'd like to tackle. But the first will be something called a Command Centre - which I found on one of my new very favourite blogs, "I'm an Organizing Junkie". It's really a fabulous idea and addresses exactly a number of the specific issues with which I am concerned. It's a place to organize stuff like papers, mail, school letters and notes, pamphlets and other such paraphanalia that clutters up my kitchen counters.

Did I mention I have a very small house? Right. Kitchen counter space is hard to come by, the last thing I ever need on them is paper. Here is an example that Laura, from, gives:

Would you LOOK at that? I'm just drooling at the neatness and crispness of the whole thing. Something like this is exactly what we need now that we have two Things in school part of the time - there is stuff going in and out of backpacks several times a day. I'm tired of wondering where stuff is and looking for a spot to put it.

It also addresses some major issues we have with our front entryway - limited space, a narrow hall, a small front closet, no where to sit down or place a purse, wallet or bag when you first walk in. And of course, Laura has more help on how to organize an entryway. This is another example she gives . . . and I think something small like this might just fit in our wee little smurf home.

So, I'm on a mission and hope to work on getting us more organized in the coming months. What better way to start than the first place you see when you walk into our home? Stay tuned, I promise to deliver superb before and after pictures. I will not disappoint.

*** To be fair, I know some of you are rubbing the back of your heads after falling off your chairs when you read that I think I am a "mediocre" organizer. I guess I can admit to being a little anal-retentive and I do like a little order in my life/home . . . but a girl can always aspire for something better, right??


Kristen said...

I can't wait to see the before and afters!!

Living organized, makes you feel so much more relaxed! It is going to make a world of a difference for you!

So excited to see!

dougnlarry said...

Good luck! I should get more organized too. Maybe your photos will inspire me.

JoeGirl said...

You go, Girl!

You can do it! And {sigh}, it makes you feel SOOOOOOO good when everything is tickety-boo.

Have fun!

amanda said...

oh friend i can't wait to see what you come up with!!

i am crazy about all things organized and i would love to have a little area like that first picture - seriously i am kinda drooling over it!

Jenny said...

i am a big organizer but find it hard now with baby stuff everywhere and a husband that has so...much stuff.
can't wait to see all your organizing techniques!

Megan said...

just TALKING about organizing gets me all hot and bothered! whew! those pictures were even better! inspiring, for sure!


Unknown said...

I was lamenting the unorganized situation on my desk, just the other day. It bugs me but I am not quite sure what to do about it.

Love your ideas for your space though! : )

Laural Out Loud said...

I'm drooling with you, because that first space is amazing! I live in a small house, too, and don't even have a niche for something small like that. But if I did, I'd be out buying all the stuff in a second. I can't wait to see what you come up with for your entryway!

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