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Thursday, May 07, 2009

Future "Blankey" and Other Musings

Blogging is a strange and unique phenomenon. It is truly fulfilling. Exciting. Addicting. Cathartic.

However, as I recently had a taste of life *not* blogging, I began to slowly realize and understand that this was appealing to me as well. No need to stay up late at night putting together posts. I could watch TV, read books, or perhaps just sit and stare into space. Doing NOTHING. I even participated less in my weekly rounds of visiting other blogs - for which I had begun to feel incredibly guilty. Blogging is a community. It is a family. When I am not keeping in touch with my bloggy friends and family, I feel as if I am letting people down. And I hate the guilt.

While admittedly most of my blogging break (at least 14 days of it) was spent coping with and taking care of a family of five who all contracted the nastiest flu virus I have ever experienced and learning how to love, care, and clean up after a 15-month-old and a 3-year-old who both caught it at the exact same time as me, we did get better and even then I still did not feel like blogging. This flu just wiped me out. The mental and physical exhaustion lasted for days, and seemed like something I couldn't shake.

Parenting has become incredibly difficult lately. I tire of feeling overwhelmed and exhausted at every turn . . . of never getting a break, a minute to myself, a minute where someone isn't crying or fighting or complaining or being ungrateful. I know, I know, you take the ups with the downs and I need to remember how lucky I am. I know I am lucky. I am thrilled to be lucky. It's just that every once in a while I wish I could stop the earth from turning on its axis for just a moment, or even be able to completely stop time like Hiro does every week on the series Heroes, to give myself some time to breathe, to take it all in without spiraling through these early childhood years at warp speed.

But . . . on a more successful note, my time sitting around watching television has enabled me to power through a couple more baby blankets. I made this little number for a friend who just had a little boy.

I actually had to pry it out of Thing 3's hands because she had a death grip on it at one point, assuming perhaps that I must have knit it for her. Hers is far less fluffy and soft these days, so I guess she figured she could score another one if she played her cards right. I'm working on a couple others now too, for two friends due with babies in the next couple months. If I get back into blogging I may never get them done.

And what would those poor, defenseless babes do without a soft as a bunny blankey to snuggle up with?


amanda said...

please don't be bad - but you knit?? how did i not know that?? can i fly you to kansas so you can teach me??

i so want to be crafty like you!

amanda said...

uhm sorry it should have said please don't be MAD...

Anti-Supermom said...

Shannon, that blanket is beautiful. What a talent you have. I'm so envious.

As for the flu/missing blogging, don't even think about it. I often think of the widget some people have in their sidebars - blog without guilt.

Real friends will understand (even if we have never actually met 'in real life').

Jen said...

What a beautiful blanket! I really would love to learn how to knit.

I agree with the Anti-Supermom. You should never feel guilty about taking a break. Everyone has lives outside the blogosphere, so I think it is easy to understand that there will be times when life gets in the way of visiting. Plus, sometimes we all need a break from online stuff. I'm contemplating taking one myself since I will be starting this new job.

Oh and regarding the comment you left on my blog--I'm curious about the hockey hotties that I left off the list. Who did I forget??

dougnlarry said...

I'm sorry y'all have been sick. I go through phases with my blog too. I'm glad you posted though because I was really starting to worry, having not heard anything from you for so long.

I hope y'all stay healthy for a long time. And good luck knitting the blankets. I wish I had as many talents as you do.

Andrea@Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

I need that blanket... for ME!! Beautiful!

I feel ya on the sick thing.. but, you already knew that :) Sometimes I long for Heaven (for lots of reasons) where there is no sickness!!


Loukia said...

I missed you Shannon! And do not feel guilty - I'm glad you're all better now. That flu that you all had at the same time must have not been fun at all.
That is a beautiful baby blanket - you just have so much talent to be proud of!
Happy Mother's Day!

Peggy said...

Please don't feel bad . . . your non-blog family and friends come first AND yourself!

You did a fantastic job on the blanket . . . that's one lucky 'lil baby!

Anonymous said...

Good job on the blanket!
I think everyone needs breaks from blogging and it should come guilt-free. Sorry to hear you have all been sick, doesn't sound fun at all.

Going to catch up on your blog now, since I've been on a wee blog break myself... ;)


Snug N Luv said...

I feel your pain! My 3yr and 11 month old got it. I slept on the floor in the toddlers bedroom. Everyone is o.k. now. But I'm sick.

That blanket is beautiful. It looks so soft. Such a nice gift. Just joined as a follower. If you have time come on over to We'd love to have you. :)))

Kamis Khlopchyk said...

UGH on the flu, no wonder you were feeling overwhelmed! Hang in there, as you kids get older things will get easier and you will look back and think it wasn't that bad, trust me :)

And then you can train for your half :P

Blogging can take over if you let it, it's all about balance and priorities. I am still working on it though!

Unknown said...

That looks SO soft!! I would have a death grip on it too! HA!

Glad to hear you are all feeling better...

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