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Sunday, April 05, 2009

Ramblings of a Crafty Mom

I've seen various bloggers post random facts and information on their blogs occasionally. I have resisted doing this for years because I personally like to put together carefully thought out posts on specific topics. I'm kinda anal-retentive that way. I like to be organized.

But, now I have a husband who just recently started a new job and I am adjusting to life back at home without him. The sore throat I am fighting off and eyelids like lead that afflict me each night around 10:00 p.m. are gentle reminders that caring for three young Things (and one extra during weekdays) is beyond imaginably exhausting.

So, here I am, tail hanging between my legs in defeat, posting some random information for you all.

- Thing 1 received an award at school last week. He received a certificate that thanks Thing 1 "for having a positive sense of self, for caring for the welfare of others and for respecting the dignity of persons". Being a teacher, I recognize that jargon and I know that is some good stuff there on that piece of paper. The award ceremony was ironically on Daddy's last day of unemployment, so we were both able to attend the event and watch our five-year-old sensation breeze up to the front of the school gymnasium - with the entire school population present - to accept his award. Well, shucks, if we weren't proud . . .

- I bravely ventured out on this fine but rainy Ottawa weekend to participate in an activity to which I have not been bestowed much luck in the past. That's right, I took Things 1 and 2 to a MOVIE. I have not set foot in a movie theater with my children since our meager attempt to view Kung Fu Panda last spring. (That being said, Daddy actually was courageous enough to accompany his little men to see Madagascar 2 last fall, and I was told the entire event went off without a hitch.) I took the boys to see Monsters vs Aliens on Saturday afternoon and the whole adventure was successful. We showed up fairly early because I knew the movie was supposed to be a big hit and was very popular . . . it totally worked in our favour as we had no issues getting our tickets and got fabulous seats. Nobody had to pee, spilled their drink, cried out embarrassingly during the film - it was like an image straight out of what one might imagine as their perfect day. Movie - funny and entertaining. Things - full of popcorn, happy and in good spirits. Two thumbs up.

- I'm completely disappointed in my eating habits over the past couple months. I've given myself a lot of leeway too, acknowledging how much stress I've been under and the hurdles I've had to mount in the past little while. I have not been hard on myself. Until now. You know what? Stress can't always be an excuse for poor eating and I've gained at least five pounds since Christmas vacation. What is worse to me is the ridiculously poor shape I'm in. I feel lethargic and slothy, and I really can't stand that. I'd heard fabulous reviews about Jillian Michael's 30-Day Shred and so I bought her book this weekend and ordered the DVD online (because I couldn't for the life of me find the bloody thing anywhere in Ottawa). I feel encouraged and hopeful. And after reading dozens of reviews and blogs by women who have done her 30 Day Shred . . . I do not dare utter, "HOW hard can it be?"!!

- as a veteren ER watcher who hasn't missed a season (or an episode, for that matter) in 15 years, I thought the series finale was fantastic. Few others seem to feel this way. I didn't think it was a let down at all, I thought it left us feeling as if life at County General would go on exactly as it should . . . we just wouldn't be watching it on Thursday nights anymore. I had goosebumps and tears welling up in my eyes (fine, fine, POURING down my cheeks and soaking my pyjamas) as the theme music came on at the end and the staff conglomorated in the ambulance bay. But I'm a a strong woman. I said goodbye to George Clooney. I made my peace with it. And, thus, I will now say goodbye to John Stamos . . . or maybe just a "see you later" in hopes that he gets picked up by some completely fabulous new show.


Unknown said...

Love your randomness, sweetie!

Yay for his school award--and that you both got to watch him receive it. What a great honor for you all!

And your movie date sounded wonderful. I can't wait for the day I'll be able to take my girls :)

Donna M said...

Congrats to Pete on his award!! It was so great that Paul got to see him receive it as well as you!

Glad you had fun at the movie!

Cynthia said...

Yay for the award...I want to take Miss Peach and The Little Man to Monsters v Aliens...I'm just afraid to do it by myself:O

Unknown said...

I was just catching up on my DVRed ER episodes tonight. I have 6 more to watch...

Congrats to your little guy on the award and that's awesome about your movie-going experience! YAY!

Jen said...

I like a random post every once in awhile. As for the Shred, I will be the first to answer the "How hard could it be?" question. Let's just say that I could barely walk up and down the steps for a week. Oh and I thought I might actually die after I finished. Yeah, it was miserable. But I think it works and that is what matters.

Amy said...

I could've written that paragraph on disappointing eating habits. I've also been seeing Jillian Michael's 30-day shred talked about all over the blogosphere (I wonder how much business she's gotten because of mommy bloggers??).

I haven't ordered it yet though.

I'm not sure what's stopping me. Fear of failing maybe? Not so much that it'll be to hard, just that I'll be too lazy to actually do it.

Let me know how you like it.

And by "like", I mean hate ;)

Loukia said...

I love your random post, you should do these once a week! ;) Or whenever you feel like it...

Wow, congrats for your son in getting that award! I would have been so proud! I can't wait for those days... good for him!

And congrats on having a successful day out at the movies! We took Christos to see WALL-E and he liked it, but other then that, it's never really worked... I am thinking about taking him to see Monsters VS. Aliens! :)

I don't watch ER; but am sick and tired of reruns and I want a new Grey's this week!

amanda said...

yay for randomness!! glad you bit the bullet and did's kinda fun right??

and yay for the big award!! it's awesome being a "former" teacher isn't it? always able to decode the jargon - good and bad :)

not that our kids will ever experience or receive the bad!! tee hee

Anti-Supermom said...

Shannon - see, we totally could be the best of friends. I feel like I've grown up with ER and teared up a little at the end of the show and I thought it was an awesome finale.

And you should be proud parents - that's and awfully sweet award.

I'm against the random posting too, but some days you just want to have something posted, without too much work. I get it. Really :)

Anonymous said...

We love this post Miss Crafty MOm, yeppers. The part about Thing 1's school award is *very* cool, and both of you being able to go watch him be honored is outstanding!

And it could just be us, but we're thinking you will really clamp down with the warmer weather and lose the extra weight with more exercise as well. Although, is it possible to be any tougher than the "Shred" lady?

Sending you smiles,

BeachMama said...

Great randomness!

Congrats on the award, that is so special for a five year old.

We too want to brave the movies for Monsters, we may just have to do it without a certain little girl.

And Jillian is awesome, get ready to burn those muscles!!

I had to stop watching ER it was making me cry too much, which is why I stopped watching a few years ago.

Anonymous said...

Great randomness here, Shannon!
I so hear you on the sloth and lethargy. Yes, I do. Ugh.

Congrats to the little man on the award, I bet you were beaming with pride.

I cried tears of sadness and nostalgia as I watched the last episode of ER. I haven't missed an episode and i feel like I grew into adulthood with this show. Oh, and Friends too, but that's another story.

Good post.


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