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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Girls' Weekend

Going out of town for the weekend really throws off my rhythm. I'm way behind on all sorts of things, but it was well worth it for me to have escaped the chaos for a few days.

Thing 3 and I headed out early Friday morning for Canada's East coast. Thing 3 did fabulously well on three of four flights over the weekend. And on the fourth flight coming home late Sunday night from Toronto to Ottawa - well, there are no words for the kind of screaming that took place that night, far above the clouds in an otherwise quiet and tranquil evening sky. I extend a public apology to all my jet-setting buddies who were seated near me (or anywhere on the plane, for that matter) the other night. Thing 3 had some ear trouble and was not coping well with the pressure problems in the cabin. And while it was uncomfortable and painful to sit on a flight listening to a baby's blood-curdling screams, it was also uncomfortable and painful to be the mother doing everything in her power to comfort said baby, a mother quickly realizing that not one single person on such a giant aircraft was human enough to extend even a few kind words of support, a helping hand or - god forbid - a warm, kind glance in my direction.

But, I digress. We made it home safe and sound and also learned a valuable lesson in time. Or, should I say, CLOCKS?

Did you know Air Canada schedules its flights based on the 24 hour clock? Of course, you do! Who would think a flight scheduled for 5:30 on Sunday would actually mean 5:30 A.M. and not 5:30 P.M.??? And, yes, I did arrive for my 5:30 A.M. flight at 4:00 P.M. in the afternoon.

I was fortunate enough to have been given another flight so that I did not have to spend another night in Saint John and could make it back home to see my other two Things. Crisis averted. Lesson learned. And while I whole-heartedly admit that I was in the wrong . . . would it KILL Air Canada to put A.M. or P.M. after each time slot on their web site when you're booking flights?

Here's a quick recap of my fantastically fun and relaxing weekend with my sister, her husband and my niece and nephew.

The "gurls" chill out after a bath.

Three mommies with their three girls.

Cousins making their way from the airport.

Fistfuls of mashed potatoes for supper.

Two for the price of one!

One of the highlights of the weekend (besides hanging out with my sister) was my eye-opening experience of reading a new book on sleep. More to come on that topic - I'm completely a convert!


Donna M said...

Glad you had a great weekend!

Yes, the airlines use 24 hour clocks and have for as long as you have been flying!

Poor little one, poor mom! Babies and ear aches and flying just don't go together. I bet everyone was happy to finally land!

Andrea@Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

Poor baby girl!! People tend to take on a whole different ENTITLED personality while on a plane. Makes me mad.

GREAT pictures! The picture of all the girls is outstanding. You three mamas are SMOKIN'! And the baby women are beautiful too :)


C! said...

Love the pictures - such beautiful girls, the babies and the mommies!

I confess, before becoming a mom I was one that would probably have just sighed and pitied myself for being stuck on a flight with a screaming I'd probably have offered to help or at least sympathize with you! I am flying with Gordon for the first time on Friday - and I'm anxious to see how he does, he isn't an infant and the flight is only 1 1/2 hours - but I'm still nervous! Glad you had a good time and that you made it back safe & sound, despite the silly airline schedule and the stressful flight back!

Tammi Hayne said...

So sorry to hear Leah (and YOU) had such a trying flight home. Adam and his Dad experienced the same problem in May. Adam's Mom booked a 6:00pm flight for a Thursday night from Halifax to Ottawa. I drive them to the airport, drop them off and I'm barely on the 102 when my cell rings...the flight left at 6:00am. His Mom had booked it, I didn't even give it a second thought and never glanced at the e-ticket to double check. I actually do know it is 24 hour time but she did not. The ended up flying out at 6:00am on Friday instead. Lesson learned!

Landerson said...

Just glad you're home safe and sound......although we secretly wouldn't have minded if you'd had to stay another day here with us:) Miss you!!


amanda said...

sorry to hear about the rough airplane ride - no fun honey. poor leah and poor you!! but glad that you are all home safe and sound :)

looks like you guys had a great time!!

can't wait to hear about your new sleep discovery!

Nemeth family said...

Sounds like a nice time, despite the plane mishaps. I have found that since becoming a mom, not only does other's people's kids screaming not bother me anymore, but I also find myself not being embarrassed or caring when my kid is having a completely legitimate meltdown. Other people just have to deal...sorry! LOL

dougnlarry said...

Bummer about the flight. I'm glad they got you on one the same night so you could get home on time. Bummer that Leah screamed the whole time. Poor girl and poor mommy. I'm sorry no one was helpful.

Glad you had a good time and got some time away from it all!

Unknown said...

I have to say that's kinda funny about the flight mix up.

You and your sissies look SO much alike and golly, those are some cute kids!

Jeremy, Cathy, Neve, Reegan & Ozzy said...

Shannon it was great to see you and to meet Leah!

So sorry to hear about your aweful plan ride (not sure why they call it a ride, I hate flying!). I must admit, it seems lately that everyone I know that travels AirCanada has a terrible story when they get home.

Take care,


Jen said...

Sounds like a great weekend. I'm eagerly awaiting your Sleep Book review. I need to do something about my sleep habits. They are AWFUL!!

Anonymous said...

Those are some beautiful pictures! What fun to have all those cousins.

And sorry to hear you had a tough plane ride. It seems like airlines could do a little more to be supportive of moms with babies.

Laural Out Loud said...

None of the airlines I fly with use a 24 hour timing system, so I would've been thrown off, too!

Glad you had a good weekend. So sorry that no one was nice to you on the plane. I'm always offerring to help other moms.

Anti-Supermom said...

I'm SO, so sorry that she cried the entire last flight. I can just feel your pain going through the keyboards onto the screen, augh.

Happy though that you had a great trip, otherwise ;)

Rach (Mommy Learns to Blog) said...

I have yet to travel on a plane with MH, but I can certainly empathize with you. People can be so rude! I've never complained about a crying baby on a plane.

Your weekend looks awesome from the pics - how much fun to be with your sisters and their girls. Thing 3 is just looking so grown up!

And, I LOVE your new hair! I know it's been a while since I've been by, so maybe it's not so new, but I love it. Super flattering!

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