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Sunday, October 01, 2006

Max and Ruby!

We all went to Carlingwood Mall yesterday morning to get Peter's haircut. The haircut wasn't so bad, he doesn't *love* it but he did sit still more this time than normal. We were thrilled to hear that that same morning Peter's favourite TV characters, Max and Ruby, would be visiting the same mall!!! What luck!!!

I braved the long line up for almost half an hour, figuring once we got to the big stuffed bunnies Peter would either a) cry and be shy, or, b) run away. I was shocked - he did neither. He took a running leap and gave them both a giant hug! He was so excited and bouncing everywhere Paul didn't even get a picture of his face! Here is he is getting a hug from Max . . .

. . . and trying to break loose from Max so he could make his way over to Ruby!

. . . and finally gets to spend a few minutes with Ruby :-)

Pete climbing the mall furniture while we waited in line . . .

And beaming after it was all over. We had told him for a couple days that we were going to see Max and Ruby . . . so after we left the mall yesterday he said it was great to see Max and Ruby but wondered why we never saw the movie????? ;-)


Donna M said...

I can't believe Pete is doing that! I thought for sure he would cry and balk at going over to the rabbits. Good for him! And what a cute picture of him smiling!

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