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Saturday, October 28, 2006

Happy First Birthday David!

Whew. I'm exhausted. Planning and pulling off a party - even a small one - is a lot of work. Clean house, have food ready, pick up helium balloons, pick up food tray, decorate house, have costumes ready - YIKES! Thankfully it's over and was a great success. And my little baby is one now - I can hardly believe it. 12 mere months ago I gave birth to David!!! Being so close to Halloween we had a costume theme party. A lot of the photos I got were after some kids took their costumes off. But they all looked super adorable. Pete - being a typical two year old, decided to assert his independence today by not wearing his monster costume. I guess he's saving it for the big day . . .

Anyway, thanks to friends and family who came to our party and especially for the wonderful birthday presents. A huge thanks to my cousin Stacey who made David's great birthday cake! I ordered a fantastic deli and meat tray from a nearby bagel shop - it was delicious and I think everyone loved it. For once I had enough food and not too little and not too much! The little tikes ate grilled cheese sandwiches - YUM!!!!

Here's my little pumpkin David and mommy the witch.
Samantha takes a break from the festivities to play . . .

Here's her brother Ryan who is 6 weeks younger than David but who has significantly more hair!
Nicholas takes a good look at David's toys . . .

Stacey's daughter Emily enjoys lunch . . .

And her puppy dog brother Michael digs grilled cheese too!

Cousin Stephanie holds David for a bit before lunch!

Taylor has a nice snack - what a little lady!

Here's the yummy spooky cake!

"There's no way she's gonna see me sneak a taste of this orange stuff . . . "

"What's goin' on? Is something big going to happen next?"

"Wow! This is really fun and everyone's singing to me!!!"

"I've got to get me some more of that stuff they call cake!"
Pete thought this was the best part of the party.

"Hey, first cake, now presents - this really *is* cool!"

"What does this thing do . . . ?"

Luckily the older guys helped David open his gifts! He wasn't into the whole wrapping paper thing quite yet - maybe Christmas!


Anonymous said...

What an adorable little pumpkin! :) Glad your party was a success... we were living parallel lives today. My day was almost identical, except that at the end of it I don't have enough energy to update my blog like you did! Two points for you ** and Happy Birthday David. You got some great pics.

lexa said...

Looks like everyone had a great time! Ah, the joys of having a birthday close to Halloween!

Landerson said...

Looks like the party was a success. Wish we could have been there! Happy birthday Pumpkin! XXOO

Donna M said...

Glad to see the birthday party went so well. The cake looked great! Stace does a beautiful job on those!! Can't wait to see him in his birthday outfit!

Liz said...


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