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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Crafts and skating

Well, I realized the other day I have really not been fulfilling the "crafty" portion of a crafty mom's blog lately. I've gotten a bit lazy at taking pictures of some of my work so I thought I better get on board so as not to disappoint some of my fans ;-) . . .

Here is an organizer/planner that I stamped and decorated - can't take credit for the idea (it was Melissa's) although I did all the hard work . . . so darn cute I'm not sure I can bring myself to write in it! I mean, look at that detail - check out the hand made tabs and everything!

And I FINALLY - after 11 months, started David's scrapbook. I got the first two two page layouts finished!! I'm so excited because I'm going to an all day scrapbooking event on the 21st - so much fun! No kids (not that I don't love them of course), no distractions, just good company and tons of scrapbooking to get done. My goal is to finish 20 pages - meaning 10 two page layouts. I need to get my butt organized to get the photos and embellishments and paper I want ready to take with me that day!!! I will *really* deserve this day off because Paul is in Houston for the next seven days (yes, over a weekend!!! grrrrrr . . . ) and I am a single mother.

OK, I guess the bottom picture there showing half of my breast is a bit much for the internet but little newborn David's face was soooooooo cute in that picture :-)!!!!

I thought this birthday card was cute and I added some Crystal Effects to give some texture and a raised look to the candles . . .

I have a ton of other cards finished but have been a wee bit lazy to take photos of them. I took a bunch this morning and they were all blury. It's on my to-do list, ok?

If I get ambitious I'm going to try to knit a bag like the one my mom did for me. If you want to look at it check out her knitting blog -
I think she mailed it to me before she left for England but I haven't received it yet :-( Hopefully the pattern is not too hard for me - I'm not a great knitter!

Paul was sad to be away to miss Peter's first day of skating lessons. Yes, skating lessons at age two! Gotta love the City of Ottawa skating program - hmmmm, I should know, I worked and coached with that program for years. Seeing as I was alone at the rink with Peter, it was hard to take pictures and I didn't want to take my camera on the ice since I was holding Peter up most of the time!! Although he doesn't look so enthused, he actually LOVED skating and did really well. He stood up by himself for a few seconds, and was one of the only kids in his group who could get up by himself pushing on his knee. He was thrilled with the zamboni and can't wait to watch it drive around next week and clean the ice - wanted to know where the zamboni "parks" and if he could go do some "work" on it!!!

Hopefully before the session is over I'll get some good pictures - maybe even action shots!

Here's my future NHL star :-)


Liz said...

The pages look great! I still just put everthing in a big basket and figure SOMEDAY I will get to it.

Pete sure doesn't look enthused but I guess he probably had a lot of fun. It will be nice when daddy can go too.

Landerson said...

Those little hockey skates are too cute! He looks like a natural!

Donna M said...

Pete obviously inherited his parents love of ice skating. He will have lots of years of fun with it. So nice that he enjoys it so young. He must be gifted!

lexa said...

My boys started skating lessons on Sunday. This is the second year for the oldest, the first year for the littlest one. (I did take him skating some last year, though, so it wasn't his first time on skates.) His skates are just like Pete's.

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