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Thursday, September 28, 2006

A baby visit and some new shoes

It rained today and was really yucky outside. The boys and I headed out this morning to pick up some stamping supplies I ordered and then we headed across the river to la belle province to visit my friend from teaching, Tiiu, who just had a gorgeous little baby, Hayden. The boys were superbly behaved, although they left their *mark* on her house, of course. I even held the baby and neither Peter nor David seemed too upset or jealous by that.

Here is baby Hayden - he only weighs six pounds!! What a cutie . . . with significantly more hair than David too!

Peter munches on a snack and is enthralled by something Tiiu is saying . . .

Here they are visiting with Tiiu and Hayden:

And Tiiu wanted to do a silly pose:

I bundled the boys up for a cool fall walk the other morning - David looked so cute I couldn't resist *another* picture - loyal to his fans, as always ;-).

And our big walker got his first pair of shoes this week - pretty darn cute. He still wears his THREE pair of Robeez in the house but now that it's cooler outside it's nicer for him to walk around in the little baby boots. Who are the geniuses creating these ADORABLE kids shoes? Someone's makin' lotso money too - these fine puppies set me back $60. EGADS!


Landerson said...

Shannon, I'm telling you, that David could be a model! He even struck a pose with the new shoes! Everyone looks great. Hugs and kisses!

Donna M said...

What a cute baby! Just a doll! And the little visiters were quite cute too.
I don't think David likes his new shoes at all, does he?

Liz said...

Can you believe ours were so small once? WOW how time flies!!

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