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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Ever had a bad day?

Well, I've recently been devastated by some disappointing news. On Saturday at my all-day scrapbooking crop, my friend Leslie (and I know she reads this blog!!!) informed me that the two new shows that have been cancelled this season are my two favourites. And Paul's too. SMITH and KIDNAPPED were, in my opinion, excellent, top quality shows that were well written and had superb casts. I can't imagine what sort of rating system would render these shows unpopular. Smith especially was a zillion times more interesting than half of what is on TV these days. It was from the point of view of a group of very serious theives and bank robbers, and the writers did a great job of making the characters completely likeable. Oh well, it doesn't matter now, I guess it's back to CSI Miami for me :-)

Ever had a bad day? A really, really bad day? Here's my advice . . . pop your children in a suitcase and send them away for a little while.

JUST KIDDING . . . of course ;-)!!!!

Here is another shot of Peter getting his skates on before skating. I'm getting closer to actually getting a shot on the ice, but he can't stand up that well (and definitely can't skate yet) so it may take a few more weeks. He didn't do as well this week, he was quite overtired on Thursday and just wasn't into it. He was one of "those kids" I used to coach who would lay there and lick the ice!!!
I'll be back later to post some of my scrapbook layouts!! For now, it's 6:50 a.m. and I've been up for two hours!!!


lexa said...

I watched Smith, too. The fourth episode was previewed after the end of the third episode. The next week, no show. I went on-line to see if they changed the date it aired, and that's when I saw that it was hauled off-air because of extremely low ratings. Last year I watched Invasion. It was so-so, but I had watched all of them. It was cancelled, so everything was just left hanging. I don't watch many of the new shows. I did start watching The Nine, so I'm sure it will get cancelled.

Bubbles opened a bar in Halifax. Not sure exactly where it is, but if it hadn't rained at the Stones concert we were going to check it out. The people sitting behind us were there before the concert. I heard them talking about it.

Friday is an inservice day. There is skating for children ages 12 and under in the morning. Think I will take them to that. Darren is going glow bowling in the afternoon. Unfortunately Logan is too little for that. He's bowled before, but for this kids have to be five.

Liz said...

If it is true that Kidnapped is cancelled I will be devastated too. I just watched the last episode and it gave the previews too for next weeks episode. How sad.

Oh well-

Anonymous said...

"one of those kids that would just lick the ice"


I laughed so hard I snorted. That's a riot. He's a quick learner. I'm sure he'll pick this up before you know it too.

And yes I've had many of those days were packing them in a bag seemed like it just might be a good least to grandma's. ;)


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