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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Scrapbook pages - David's album

Here are some of the scrapbook pages I finished over the weekend. I'm very happy with my progress on David's album. Although I should note there's a couple pages I'm not thrilled with. Oh well, maybe they will grow on me over time! It was my first all day crop since I had David - very exciting. We had lots of fun, and the boys were very good for daddy. Too good. They took nice long afternoon naps for him . . . and for the record, that *never* happens to me. Peter hasn't napped in the afternoon in a few months (well, with the occasional exception, of course).


lexa said...

I really like your album pages. When the oldest was born I said I was going to do a scrapbook for him. Never did, of course. Then the second one came, and I said I'd do one for each of them. So far still no scrapbooks. I do have baby books and photo albums for each of them.

Anonymous said...

Looks great! I'm so jealous of your scrap day, but that's okay cause mine's coming up soon. Richard just doesn't know it yet....guess I should tell him.

It is neat to look back at all the pictures of David. Man his first year went by fast. Can't wait to see the page of him and Pete in the suitcase. Those pics are definately scrapworthy!


Liz said...

Those are awesome. I wish oh I wish i could do that!!! A few more "days" like that and you will be all caught up. :-)

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