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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Finally some 2007 pics!

Last weekend we had our good friends Doug and Karla over for dinner. I made the chicken artichoke recipe that my mom gave me - it was a big hit *again* and everyone loved it. After some nice wine and a fabulous dinner, we noticed little Taylor no longer had her signature pigtails in anymore. Where HAD they disappeared to??????

Silly, silly Daddy. Don't you know Shannon posts pictures on her blog?

I recently met a couple new friends - people I met online on a message board. Here is Jamey and her daughter Grace, David and I, and Jenny and her daughter Mea. Mea was also born on October 28th, the same day as David. She is actually 20 minutes older than David, if you can believe that! In the same city! Jamey and Jenny came over for bagels and a visit while the kids played.

Here are David, Grace and Mea - looking adorable on the couch!

Mea and David both very interested in some glue Santa brought for Peter . . .

Paul is getting a lot of mileage out of the plasma car - here he and David take a quick spin.

Last week I met another new friend I met online. Mandy has a daughter Alyssa, born in March 2004, same as Peter. We met at an indoor play area for kids at a local mall. Alyssa and Peter were really cute together and had a lot of fun!

She's asking him all the animals in this little toy, he keeps saying "that's an alligator, that's a fish, that's a frog". It was *too* funny!

Here is Mandy with Cassie, who is a few months younger than David.

David thinks Cassie is lucky to be able to sit in the stroller!

David looking cute in a new outfit.

He carried this ball in this plastic container for a couple days . . .

Mommy, I just love spaghetti!

Hi Mom!

Peter and Matthew in the toy box at Dave & Christine's house on New Year's Eve.

And lounging on the couch with some snacks on New Year's Eve!


lexa said...

Looks like the kids are having lots of fun! I love the little green vest. Kids' clothes are so fun, aren't they?

Liz said...

David alsways poses real good. Or at least enough for it to appear that way. :-) He looks so grown up too. It looks like Peter does like Ean, looks once but not long enough for the camera to take, so frustrating. They looked cute on the couch though with their snacks.

Donna M said...

Glad to see Pete is getting some new friends and having fun! Great idea to meet up with the online friends in your area.
David of course is still the perfect model!

Tiiu said...

Cool plasma car Paul, I mean Peter and David. Once Hayden can sit upright, I'm sure he'd love to give it a try. So would his Daddy but we'll have to wait for him to sit upright as well.

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