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Thursday, December 28, 2006

Twas Three Days After Christmas

I promise a break in the sickenly syrupy sweet photos of my boys in the New Year. Perhaps I will ditch "stay on a budget", "lose some cellulite from my butt", " stay more organize", and "eat healthier" for "use restraint when posting cute-ohs on my blog". (Cute-ohs = cute photos).

Paul is working December 27-30 so we have been on our own. We braved the cold temps yesterday to head out into the snow and take Rudy for an icy walk. Here is David in his new Lands End snowsuit:

And Pete in his snowsuit which we purchased in July for half price (thanks Granny!) and which promises to fit David next winter.

David in the famous polar bear sweater that I had been pining for at Gymboree. Granny bought it for Christmas and here it is.

I could only get him to keep the hat on inside the house for about two seconds . . .
. . . *still* playing with Peter's laptop while Peter continues to ignore it.

"But seriously guys, how does this thing work?"

For more info on the plasma car . . . click here.


Landerson said...

The boys look adorable in their new Christmas clothes! Those guys really cleaned up this Christmas! Enjoy the snow.....still none here:-(

lexa said...

The plasma car is pretty cool. Never saw those before. I love the boys' new clothes. I especially love the little sweater with the polar bears. :)

Donna M said...

The boys look great in their new clothes.
Still trying to figure out that whole plasma car thing.

Liz said...

I don't think you will be able to keep that new years goal: those boys are too cute! Looking pretty plasticky in your house now! LOL!

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