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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

David reaches new heights

Well, I'm just about at my wit's end with David. I had finally reached that point where he was walking (and running) steadily and not falling anymore. Rarely bumped into edges or got hurt. Played nicely for a few minutes. I could seriously go to another room or go pee without fearing something bad would happen to him.

Let me tell you.

Those days are long gone.

This is what happens in about 2 seconds flat lately.

On our desk.
Pushed the kitchen chair over to the edge of the sink.

Notice he is now on a higher rung??????

"I'm sure I can reach that kettle".

"Screw that, I'm jumping right in the sink. I wanna know where that water goes . . . ".

Feel my pain yet?

I *never* thought I'd say this after dealing with Peter as a young toddler, but . . .

I think David is worse with climbing than Peter was.


lexa said...

My littlest one is much more of a daredevil than the oldest one. He climbs on everything, he's on my cupboards all the time. Scares me half to death. He has absolutely no fear. He fell off the kitchen table one morning and broke a heavy ceramic cat food dish with his head. Blood everywhere, I thought I'd pass out. I took him to outpatients immediately, and luckily there were no stitches. Less than two hours later, there he is, up on an endtable in the living room.

I love your new cards! Very nice. Looks like you had a nice family visit, too.

Anonymous said...

I see the ER in your future. Sorry.

Donna M said...

The perfect child has finally come out of his shell. I remember Pete going through this stage and if David is worse, he must be bad!

Anonymous said...

Here's hoping I don't have a climber in my belly. I'm hoping that's a Murray gene.

Liz said...

I TOTALLY understand!!
Little brothers watch and learn from their BIG brothers and then make up their own stuff. YIKES!

Anonymous said...

Oh man. I love the sink diving picture! Noah is at the stage you were talking about right before this stage! I'm scared!
P.S. Love that imprint of his foot on the bottom of his shoe!


Landerson said...

Oh Shan, you do have your hands full! I'd go as far as to say that David's becoming a bit of a ham! And he's getting big!

AK Alter Ego said...

What a monkey you have on your hands.
See, this is the difference between us...I had no illusion. Gwendolyn did this to me as a little one and I am not sure that Owen can top it, wait I take that back, I don't want any ER visits to haunt me. Peter was too good to you, lulled you into a false sense of non-climbing toddlerhood. I have heard of people bungie cording their dining room chairs together around the table to keep kids from using them. Just a thought.

Beth said...

OMG you poor thing. I guess this is in my future now that my baby is crawling.

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