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Saturday, January 20, 2007

The potty ain't pretty

I know I'm very lucky to have had Peter potty trained before he was 2 1/2. It was relatively easy and a couple months ago he told me he didn't want to wear a pull up at night anymore. Although I was resistant b/c I didn't want to clean up wet sheets in the middle of the night, we ditched the pull ups and off he went to bed each night with his little bum bare. He occasionally wakes me up to take him to go pee, but most nights he just sleeps through (12 hours or so usually!) with no accidents. Actually, he's had not one pee accident in bed yet (touch wood, of course). He hasn't had a poop accident since the summer and it's been months since a pee accident happened during the daytime.

So, yes, I'm very lucky. BUT . . .

We all know Pete is small and has a wee little bum. He still prefers to pee and poop on his little Fisher Price potty (with a little bucket to catch the "stuff"). Well this kid poops like a 15 year old. I mean, for a small boy who doesn't eat a heck of a lot, these poops are MASSIVE. So I have to scoop it into the toilet, clean his bum, then clean the bucket. Yuck. It's almost as bad as changing diapers.

O.K., not that bad, but I hope one day soon he plans on using that cute little seat I bought him for the top of the toilet :-)


lexa said...

He sounds like my littlest one with the big poops! It's surprising, isn't it? And lately mine's been going two and three times a day. He goes on the toilet unless it happens that they both need to go at the same time. We don't have a second bathroom (someday basement renovations and another bathroom down there), so I keep his potty in the hall closet, just in case.

Looking forward to seeing pictures of him in his new sweater when you get it!

E-Lo said...

I'm laughing my butt off at "the kid poops like a 15 year old!"

Ah... I can't wait for potty training!

Donna M said...

TMI! Pete will kill you when he gets older.
Skating fans in Halifax!

AK Alter Ego said...

That right there is the main reason I never offered the little potty. Didn't want to clean up more crap than I already was, LOL.

erika said...

You had me LOL! The one time Nick pooped in the potty, it was so huge. He filled the little bucket to the very top and it was quite messy - - and I was quite surprised! -erikadee

Anonymous said...

Not sure if you'll see this or not but put a coffee liner in the little potty before he goes. Then when you clean the poo all you have to do is grab the liner and viola' you have a clean potty.

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