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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Rainy Wednesday . . .

So the boys are napping - yes BOTH at the same time - and it's raining and there are a million productive things I could be doing: cleaning, paying bills, creating more bills, completing my Masters degree, watching said children sleep . . . but here I am again providing useless information for the masses :-).

We all took a family trip to Home Depot last night and bought an area rug for our living room. We've been looking for one for three years and haven't been able to find something we both like and agree on. Well, we love this one and we bought it right away, for a great price I might add!! It was timely b/c we are having the whole main floor painted in October and we need to get moving on choosing paint colours. This new rug will help us for sure!!!

Here's our new baby:

I was lucky enough to have some time to myself this morning to get my hair cut. I've been growing it for months and it's getting much longer! My MIL Brigid took care of the boys for a couple hours so I could sit and enjoy my coffee while being primped :-) I have some caramel highlights leftover from the summer so my hair is a nice, fun shade for fall. Very different for me but I like it a lot!!


Donna M said...

Love the hairdo! You took that picture of yourself didn't you?
The area rug in the living room looks great!

Liz said...

That is a really neat rug. Your hair is cute, too.

Landerson said...

Snapping pictures of yourself again, weren't ya? Hair looks great, and I love the area rug. The walls would look great that blue that's in the rug.

Tiiu said...

Hi Shannon
Love the hair! Give us a call this week. Would you like to visit on Thursday?
Tiiu and Hayden

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