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Friday, September 01, 2006

Crocs and Storyland

After a long summer of looking EVERYWHERE for a pair of Crocs small enough to fit Pete, my friend Karla showed up today with a navy blue pair for him!!! He was thrilled! When I showed them to him, he said "are those flip flops really for ME, mommy?". It was so cute. He's had them on his feet since he got them, won't take them off. Of course he was acting like a little monkey when I tried to take his picture, but I managed to snap a couple of his feet ;-)

Oh yeah, baby, I'm one cool toddler!!!

A group of moms who usually go to the same Tuesday playgroup decided to head out of town to visit a local park called Storyland. It's full of fairy tale and story characters, playgrounds, tiny villages, a paddleboat pond, a splash park, mini golf and lots more. Aside from being on the coolish side, it was a really perfect day. We were a pretty big group and couldn't even all stay together most of the time.

Here is Peter climbing up one of the slides!

Granny, who came along for the day, assisting Pete on to a little toy.

Liam, much cuter than Cinderella, in Cinderella's carriage that whisked her home at midnight.

Taylor (Liam's lil sis) and David, soaking up some rays and checking out all the festivities.

Pete, pausing for just a brief moment.

Liam going down the slide!

Some of the kids on Peter Rabbit - that's Peter WAY at the left bottom corner, just couldn't convince him to get in the picture!!

Pete peeks into a little house to see a tiny fiddler playing music!

At the end of the park is a huge bounce castle. Liam and Peter spent a long time bouncing away their remaining energy!!


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