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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

No accidents, funny story

SEVEN days with no accidents for Peter - woo hoo! We are thrilled. He is still dry every morning too, although I have not yet taken off a dipe or pull up at nighttime - that may be coming soon though. He's doing so great now and is starting to do potty on his own, or telling us and asking us to take him. Changing only one little cute bum during the day is MUCH easier on mommy!

This morning Peter asked me why I didn't have a penis!! I told him I was a girl, and that he was a boy. I said David is a boy, and so is Daddy. He thought about this for a while and then explained to me, "mommy doesn't have a penis to pee, just a bum for poops". Hmmmmmmm, I guess for now that will do as an explanation of the differences of the sexes :-)


Donna M said...

Congrats on the success with the potty traininga and the cute story! That Pete is one smart boy!!

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