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Thursday, August 24, 2006

The potty pays off . . .

Well, I guess my hard work is paying off. Yesterday Peter had no accidents (except one small one in the evening while I was at football on Daddy's watch!!) and today none again!! He's starting to tell me or go straight to the potty every time he needs to go - so my week of accidents might have been worth it. His favourite part is pouring the pee from the potty into the big toilet - yikes, it rarely all makes it in :-( I guess urine on my bathroom floor is better than him in diapers!!!!

Paul's aunt Mary and cousin Cathy came to visit for a few days. The boys had a blast hanging out with them and playing. I was too burned out on photos from our trip to take any pictures . . . I better get over that soon or my scrapbook will be empty!!!

Little David is getting tooth number five . . . and six I think. He's been fussy lately, not able to nap or sleep well at night, cranky, not eating much. Sounds like more teething to me! Poor little guy, I can't wait until the whole mouth of chiclets are in there for him. I hate to see him in pain. He's SO close to walking it's not funny - last night he stood in the middle of Pete's bedroom for almost a minute but wasn't quite ready to take some steps I guess. Should be any day now . . . and right on schedule to be at the same time his big brother took his first steps :-)

With these two not napping I headed out for a big walk this afternoon, David finally fell asleep so I took Peter to a park and we played. Rudy and Dave had a nice nap under a tree. Pete should be absolutely pooped at bedtime and ready to snooze by 8:00 pm!!


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