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Monday, August 14, 2006

Our New Brunswick Visit!

Once we were settled at Lauren and Mark's beautiful cottage just outside of Saint John, New Brunswick (near Quispamsis) we could enjoy spending a little time with our new baby neice, Reese!! She's quite a cutie. And has considerably more hair than David, who is nine months older! Here is the view of the river from their front deck.
Here is the new Anderson family!!! Lauren, Mark, baby Reese and Cash.

Here is a pic of proud uncle Paul with Reese!

And me looking proud as a new aunt!

Lauren is getting a lot of use out of my sling, baby Reese loves being warm and cuddled up in there!
Mommy's lookin' good and Reese is less than two weeks old here!!!

David and Pete catch a video during some down time - Rudy catches some zzzzzzzs on the couch!

The boys took a few minutes to lounge around early one morning . . . real "male bonding" happening here :-)

On a hot day we filled up the blow-up pool - Rudy decided he wanted to be the first in to take a dip :-)

. . . but then David and I jumped in!

And later the whole family took a dip down in the river. The water was so warm and inviting. We didn't get tons of pictures, although Peter and David both did lots of swimming. Peter even came out to the raft with me and Mark at one point.

Although there isn't enough room or time for all our photos, we had lots of fun in New Brunswick. We visited the Cherry Brook Zoo for a morning and saw tons of great animals. Peter loved walking around and learning about all the different animals. I think David liked it too! We took a couple visits into the city and did some shopping in Saint John's Market and had some delicious lunches down there too - clams and chips . . . YUMMY!! I even bought a couple beautiful pieces of jewelery for myself hand crafted by local NB artists.

We spent a good part of a day touring around the Irving Nature Park - beautiful landscape along the Bay of Fundy (where the highest tides in the world are). We did some hiking and saw a couple pretty cool beaches. It was a great park b/c you could drive around an eight km trail and stop and get out wherever you pleased to take pictures or do some hiking.

All in all an extremely fun part of our trip!!!


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