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Monday, August 14, 2006

Our big trip East!

Well, we were brave this summer and decided to head out to Canada's East Coast to visit family and take a well-deserved two week vacation!! We drove all the way there and back in our good old mini-van and the kids were AMAZING. We were truly surprised how well they were with all that traveling - so many hours in the van . . . luckily they took frequent naps.

Here is our very first pit stop - having lunch at the side of the road on our drive to New Hampshire.

We drove through Quebec and south towards the US, crossing over in Vermont. We drove through the beautiful, picturesque mountains in northern Vermont all the way until we reached the New Hampshire border. We stopped in Lancaster, NH, to visit a friend of mine and spend the night. The view there was absolutely breath-taking. There were mountains everywhere. It was a beautiful sunny, hot day too, blue sky as far as we could see!

Here is David sitting on the teeter-totter with Emily's daughter Ada. David thought that was pretty cool.

Here is Emily - not so shy to pose for the camera as Peter is!

This is Emily's garden, and yes, that's Peter in there trying to help with the gardening . . . although pulling out a few healthy plants was probably not what Emily bargained for ;-)

Pete and David stripped down in the heat and took advantage of Ada's toys!

Ada was quite taken with David and insisted she wanted to hold him - and of course she did a fabulous job!

Me, Emily and Ada on the morning just before we left for our next big leg of the journey!! We headed off for 6-7 hour drive to Saint John, New Brunswick. We drove through NH and into Maine, crossing the border from Calais into NB. We had beautiful weather and cooperative kids that day too. We had lunch in Bangor, stretched our legs and gave Rudy a bit of a walk. We were pretty happy to arrive at Lauren and Mark's cottage that afternoon just before supper.


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